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What is Fashion Photography: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Think back to the last time you were smitten by a particular style of clothing. Was it because it was donned by a model who helped convey the strengths of the fabric? Or was it due to the well-lit and innovative background in the photos that brought out the colours of the wardrobe? Irrespective of your answer, it is clear that something about the visuals of the photograph intrigued you. Congratulations! You have been struck by the sheer brilliance of fashion photography! Naturally, you might be curious now. What is fashion photography?

Read on to dive into the concept of fashion photography, including how it is done and the career opportunities after pursuing a fashion photography course.

Dissecting the Term – Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a term granted to photographed images that focus on highlighting the underlying fashion and accessories in the best light possible. The core principle behind fashion photography is to leverage human psychology and create a sense of wonder in the viewer’s mind, to enchant them with the clothing style.

A fashion photographer in India works with several models and travels to exotic locations, in line with the requirements of the brand, to click the perfect shot. They manipulate custom lighting in studios or outdoor locations to capture the essence of the brand and highlight the story of their collections.

But is all fashion photography limited to glamorous models and artificial setups? Let’s dive into the types of fashion photography to understand the difference.

Forms of Fashion Photography: What Do We Shoot For?

Fashion shoots organised by brands fall into one of the following categories.

Street Fashion Photography

What is Fashion Photography: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The advent of street fashion photography has shifted the spotlight towards the real world, i.e. everyday street fashion. It revolves around daily outfits and explores different styling options to resonate with a wider audience.

Editorial Fashion Photography

What is Fashion Photography: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The primary aim of these photographs is to be featured in a magazine as a crucial part of the storytelling process. In most editorial shoots, the photographer weaves a tale by capturing the model during different tasks. The story and progression are usually pre-decided by the magazine organising the shoot.

Catalogue Photos

Catalogue photos are taken against a plain background and feature on e-commerce websites to help users gain a visual look at the featured clothing. While these are captured to make the clothes visually appealing, the main goal is to make customers familiar with the fit and the colours of the outfits.

High Fashion Photography

What is Fashion Photography: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

It is the most glamorous fashion photography, with more room for avant-garde concepts and shoots taking place in exotic, foreign locations. Fashion photographers get a long rope to exercise their creative freedom, intending to attract user attention towards the aesthetically-appealing nature of the photographs.

Read more on the types of fashion photography.

How to Become a Professional Fashion Photographer?

If a mere glance into the world of fashion photography has awakened a fascination in you, then you are probably looking to experiment and secure coveted opportunities in the field. Thankfully, fashion photography is no longer an enigma, with various courses catering to interested students.

Getting into a fashion photography career in India requires immense dedication and an eye for the ideal frames. You can get started with fashion photography courses after 12th to familiarise yourself with the basics of the domain and understand the working of several pieces of equipment. Most of these courses are laden with hours of practical training to help you better prepare for practical applications in the industry.

After completing the course, everything rests on your ability to venture out of your comfort zone and connect with magazines and brands to secure more opportunities as a fashion photographer.


What is Fashion Photography: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What are the Career Options after a Fashion Photography Course?

The best part about completing a fashion photography course is the credentials you acquire. Possession of a professional certificate makes it easier for potential clients to trust your skills and seek your services when they require them. Build a strong portfolio by connecting with diverse clients, and prove your skills by producing innovative pieces.

After completion of your professional course, you are eligible to work in several full-time fashion photography jobs with the following types of companies.

  • Fashion magazines
  • Fashion catalogues
  • Apparel and accessory brands
  • Advertising agencies
  • Fashion studios

If you decide to go freelance, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred domain and undertake more projects to build your credibility and expertise. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Imagine being able to work in a creative environment, shoot in studios or set up a studio-like set in the middle of the street! Simply amazing.

The salaries in these jobs are great too. As per AmbitionBox, you can expect to earn up to 7.2 lakhs per annum, and the average salary of the job is INR 4.3 LPA.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still wondering what is fashion photography, just know that it is an expansive field with a plethora of opportunities for passionate students. As the number of brands, magazines and advertising agencies increases, the need for high-quality photographers proves to run rampant. But capitalising on this opportunity requires you to commit to a dedicated fashion photography course and hone your skills.

Why not choose a 3-month diploma in fashion photography from JD Institute of Fashion Technology? The course acquaints you with the intricacies of fashion photography, crafts practical sessions to improve your comfort with the equipment and introduces you to the defining aspects of commercial and editorial fashion photography.

So, enrol in fashion photography now and witness a significant growth curve!