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Fashion is not just about opulent designs and styling trends – it’s also a business. Understanding aspects of the industry beyond fashion design, from fashion marketing to luxury brand management, is crucial for success. This is where a study in fashion management comes in.

How the fashion industry does what it does rests on the shoulders of a massive team of professionals, from designers and models to PR and marketing professionals. These people blend fashion with business to produce the shows, the brands and the glamour that we all know and love. With all the exciting developments in the fashion industry, it’s an exciting time to be in fashion management. In this blog, we’ll dive into the dynamic world of fashion management and why a study in fashion management could transform your love of fashion into a thriving business.

What is Fashion Management?

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Fashion management essentially encompasses all the business aspects of the fashion industry. It involves a wide range of tasks determining the success of fashion companies and designers. Fashion management professionals work with fashion designers, stylists, fashion photographers and various vendors to showcase and market the products of the fashion industry.

They oversee and coordinate all aspects of the fashion industry to best aid fashion companies. This can include roles such as fashion marketing, fashion PR, forecasting, retail management, project management, branding, etc. These industry professionals ensure that products are designed, branded, showcased and sold in ways that best benefit both consumers and companies. They are often at the heart of the latest developments in the industry and are often catalysts of new innovations (think Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada).

Fashion management professionals deeply understand the fashion industry, including trending styles, consumer preferences and market conditions. Most of these professionals have a degree in fashion management, where they develop business acumen and knowledge of finances, marketing and strategy.

Key Responsibilities of Fashion Management Professionals

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Some of the key responsibilities of fashion management professionals include but aren’t limited to:

  • Strategizing and developing plans to achieve fashion companies’ goals.
  • Supervise the production and distribution of quality products.
  • Manage financial aspects of the business and allocate budgets to various departments.
  • Stay on top of market trends and implement user preferences into marketing.
  • Create marketing campaigns that align with brand voice and customer needs.
  • Develop and implement policies to promote efficient operation.
  • Develop and maintain brand image utilising various PR tools.
  • Liaise with designers, stylists, photographers, influencers and celebrities to create products for the brand.

What are Fashion Management Courses?

Fashion Management courses in India are developed to disseminate the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and operate fashion and related businesses. These courses are offered at graduate and post-graduate levels to people passionate about building a thriving fashion business.

There are a wide variety of fashion business management courses in India. From NIFT to JD Institute of Fashion Technology, some extremely experienced faculties teach fashion business management to students. They encompass a wide variety of topics, and choosing the best one depends on your values and goals.

These courses typically include strategy, fashion PR, fashion marketing management, leadership, entrepreneurship, retail and project management, and branding. After completing a fashion business course, a student can pursue careers such as fashion buyer, design manager, merchandiser, project manager, etc.

Revolutionize, Innovate and Represent: Benefits of a Fashion Management Course

The benefits of pursuing a management course in fashion are many, from developing industry-specific business skills to exercising your creative muscles. Some of the key benefits of  fashion management courses in India are:

Helps Build a Global Perspective

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The fashion industry is a global one where decisions are taken, keeping global trends and preferences in mind. Thus, a global perspective toward fashion is an extremely necessary skill. Fashion management courses offer modules on global fashion markets, often allowing globalised exposure to the fashion industry. This can propel a fashion management professional ahead of the curve and help them work in any fashion establishment.

Become a Master at Market Trends and Forecasting

A big part of the fashion industry is keeping up with the latest trends and developing strategic plans accordingly. Whether fast fashion or luxury brands, knowing what people want to wear is an important industry skill. Fashion management courses focus on ensuring that students stay ahead of market trends and have in-depth knowledge of upcoming technologies and designs. This can be a great aid to those looking to work as fashion forecasters or in fashion marketing management.

Magnify Your Career Prospects

Fashion management encompasses all areas of the fashion industry beyond fashion design. The possible job roles through fashion management courses are endless, leaving room for you to pivot to a niche of your choice. Not only do these courses employ you with skillsets that greatly enhance your employability, but they also provide you with a range of career prospects to choose from.

Gain Formal Training and Develop Your Skillset

Fashion management courses lay a strong foundation for students in all principles of the fashion business. This aids students in building a vast skillset of essentially the end-to-end fashion process. The courses provide comprehensive knowledge in understanding market trends, regulating production, fashion marketing, fashion public relations, fashion journalism, fashion forecasting and retail management.

Build a Professional Network

The fashion industry is built on vast networks of creatives and management professionals who disseminate knowledge and guide newcomers. Fashion management courses give you a front seat to these networks and allow you to interact with seasoned professionals and learn from their experience.


The fashion industry is more multifaceted and diverse than just fashion design. If the fashion industry is a machine, each subset, from design and sourcing to retail and marketing, is a crucial cog. Study fashion management if you have a passion for this industry, as it can propel your career and your fashion acumen to new heights. A fashion business management course allows you to build a global fashion perspective, make valuable connections, gain a plethora of experience, and become a valuable asset to the fashion industry.

If you want to up your fashion management game, consider applying for the JD Institute of Fashion Technology’s Diploma in Fashion Business Management! From innovative and sustainable approaches to the fashion industry to honing your business skills to become an effective manager, this course has it all.