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May 2018

Design is the Problem the Future of Design must be Sustainable Recommended Reads: Top 5 Books For Design Aspirants What is on your mind? Questions and Answers to the intangible yet beautiful stream of thoughts and solutions. We call it the Design language.  Tangible or not, often Design is a process. While some thinkers embark on a creative journey, others deal it tactically. As upcoming students and

Differences Between Fashion Designers and Fashion Stylist The most important underlying differentiator between Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist is that the Designer ideally Designs and Creates the outfit. The Stylist, coordinates and style the client according to the occasion using outfits and accessories. While both the job profile need an accurate understanding of fashion and trends, the profile for Fashion Designer demands higher technical levels

Crossing gender barrier - Celebration of Power suit Power Suit or Pant Suit as they are traditionally referred to as, became popular partly due to Hilary Clinton’s presidential run in 2017, where she was spotted wearing pantsuits in every colour under the sun and partly because of women fighting for equal rights. And hence they took up the conventional masculine silhouette and tailored it

Future of life wear design – Talk by UNIQLO JEDIIIANS are prepping up for JD Annual Design Awards 2018 and are all set to change the world, fashion norms in the line of innovative, sustainable and ethical collection. An informative talk session by the brand UNIQLO was organized by JD Institute of Fashion Technology on the significance of creating a sustainable solution for an

JEDIIIANS for a fashion cause - Cloth swap event Sustainability, Innovation and ethical fashion are the three parameters, that the students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology get moulded. The world is highly polluted because of the Garment Industry and the responsibility lies with every citizen. There is an extra effort which needs to done by the future designers, be it Fashion, Interior, Jewellery