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crossing gender barrier - Trend spotlighta - Crossing gender barrier – Celebration of Power suit

Crossing gender barrier – Celebration of Power suit

Power Suit or Pant Suit as they are traditionally referred to as, became popular partly due to Hilary Clinton’s presidential run in 2017, where she was spotted wearing pantsuits in every colour under the sun and partly because of women fighting for equal rights. And hence they took up the conventional masculine silhouette and tailored it according to their own style. In 2018, the runways are filled with designer showcasing their take on the power suit and it is apparent that this silhouette is here to stay.

With movements like Time’s Up and #MeToo, the awards season of 2018 has been very vocal about empowerment and equal rights and it came as no surprise that the biggest trend to dominate the red carpet were Power Suits, which sent across the message of empowerment unambiguously. Power suit need not have structured or padded shoulder, they can be relaxed, just make sure to match your jacket with the pants.  Whether you are a fan of prints and patterns or whether you prefer solid colours, there is a pantsuit you can find according to your style. If you are a fan of prints, you can opt for a floral pattern or if you want to look sharp go for a classic tailored set in plaids or muted tones and if the muted colour isn’t your cuppa tea you can rock a pantsuit in bright jewel tones. A well-fitted pair of trousers with equally tailored coordinated jacket oozes confidence that not even an haute couture outfit can.

When Yves Saint Laurent introduced Le Smoking Suit, in 1966, the society was apprehensive about the idea of women wearing a masculine suit, as it was considered not appropriate. But Le Smoking revolutionized women. The suit became the archetype of sex appeal even with the retaliation. Though it was initially criticized, the power suit has since then been redefined, reconstructed and revamped millions of time and by different designers, but each time the appeal is unadulterated.

Power Suits can be worn in any colour but if you wish to make a statement go for a Monochrome. A patterned or printed suit would look equally appealing if you are not afraid of putting yourself out there. The recent fall season saw a variety of suits in plaids and checks, accessorized with micro waist bags. The suit is being favoured by street style regulars and celebrities alike. The Pre Fall 2018 collection from designers like Zac Posen, Versace, Michael Kors and Tibi saw a variety of experimentation with the silhouette, prints and details enforcing that the trend is not going anywhere.

Crossing gender barrier crossing gender barrier - Trend spotlighta - Crossing gender barrier – Celebration of Power suit

The Pant Suit has come a long way since it first became a fashion statement.  Currently, the silhouette can be deconstructed and experimented in more ways than what comes to mind. Looking at it from styling perspective, the suits can be worn with straight pants, high waist pants, culottes, bell bottoms, wide leg trousers, paper bag trousers, cigarette pants and numerous permutations and combinations of these styles, whereas the jacket can be single breasted, double-breasted, tuxedo, trench style, cropped and many more.  The print is not limited to stripes and checks, in fact, variations in pinstripes, plaids and prints are what is adding to the appeal of this silhouette.

Crossing gender barrier crossing gender barrier - Trend spotlightb - Crossing gender barrier – Celebration of Power suit

Power Suits or Pant Suits like any other trend can be modified and adapted according to your personal style. You can always swap the shirt for a crew neck tee or crop top and if you are feeling edgy, even a lacey bustier but the key is to only have one statement piece and keep the rest of the look clean. The pantsuits can be worn with a variety of footwear to be it sneakers, mules, knee-high boots or good old stilettos. Though this trend was subconsciously about empowerment but with the way women are excelling in every field and are equals they don’t need any silhouette to define that. But a little celebration never hurts!!!


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