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September 2018

How to Decorate a Balcony Space? A balcony is a platform hanging on the outside of a building with a wall or railing around it. The balcony adds charm and an inviting appeal to your outdoor spaces. It doesn’t take much to give a small exterior space a quick face-lift or total makeover. The ideas of designing the balcony go behind the space limits. Greenery

Top 5 Jewellery museums in the world Spanning over centuries, collected from across seas, through plunder and through the sail, through inheritance and through endowment- jewellery has been the most comprehensive storyteller of all time. It’s a fact we know that every piece of jewellery has a story to tell; that which is best told through an aesthetic exhibit. Stowed now inside glass cases,

THE ART OF CONTEMPORARY DESIGN IN INTERIORS Contemporary Design Style is uncluttered and clean, it represents the present. It is all about now and is evolving as we speak. So the concept is evolved as per current trends. Each element is important and needs its own space to be visible, making the design give an open-space feel. (https://www.banucciteam.com) Contemporary design does not include any

Top 5 Fashion museums in the world There is not a more blissful activity for a fashion enthusiast than flipping the pages of fashion magazine to know how the trends from the week before have fared the following week, what collection has set a fresh wave of trends trickling down the production pyramid and more. But have you ever wondered why the sole of

Industrial Visit to Hindustan Marble & Granite Factory As a part of the curriculum of Interior Design programme, students of JD Institute of Fashion technology are exposed to various strong industry networks and on-site visits. Recently the B.sc in Interior design batch were taken for a material exploration tour to Hindustan Marble & Granite Factory. They were exposed to varieties of stones (natural and

Portrait Photography | Jediiians at Nikon training Centre Bangalore Photography is a technical art. To master this art, we at JD Institute of Fashion Technology provide theoretical knowledge, special workshops, guest lectures and industry exposure. Not only this we also strive to provide our students with maximum practical guidance by arranging demonstrations both in and outside the classroom. One of the major strengths being

GRO3 – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: GRO3 Designers: SHEHIN K RAJAN, NEEHA HAROON GRO 3 celebrates unisex garment line with screen printing techniques. The collection is made up of organic dyes. Rosin Resin obtained from the pine trees is used as an alternative to the chemical binder. This collection is based on Monotone with the prints which represent the bond between