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May 2020

There is a saying, worst time also brings the best in people. Never has anyone in the world faced a case of such emergency that has affected the entire world at the same time. The loss in businesses has led to stunted economy. At this unprecedented point of time where we are plagued with a pandemic, the glamour industry has redirected towards creating

3D Printing has caused a disruption in the jewellery industry as a favourable technology to achieve new design freedom that is not possible with traditional methods of manufacturing. The incorporation of 3D printing into jewellery is turning into a commonplace, be it as an addition to traditional techniques or as the primary method of fabrication. Origin of 3D Printing 3D printing has been around for the

Gemology is the science of identifying, studying, grading and valuing precious stones, natural gems, diamonds, asteroids, etc. Starting out as an exclusive branch of mineralogy as most gems are natural minerals, it has grown into a science of its own. The expansive production of man-made jewels in 1970s and 1980s and the introduction of refined gem treatment processes since 1990s have led to a more

Design thinking as a concept emerged in 1970 and is a process that helps to identify solutions to existing problems. In an effort to give an insight into the term and its application, Great Place to Study hosted a webinar for students, design professionals and the general public to get a sense of this buzzword that has started to create ripple in various

“Fashion is the Art and you are the Canvas”. – Unknown Fashion Photography is a genre of photography which involves promoting fashion as a creation or fine art. It is considered collectively as one of the foremost booming and glamorous careers and has surfaced as a lucrative and a stimulating career option. So how can you get started with Fashion Photography? As a photographer, one