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June 2021

Lens and Focal Length determines the distance between the lens and the image sensor. Also, the magnification at which it images distant objects. Usually stated in millimeters like 20mm, 40mm or 100mm. In zoom lenses, the minimum and maximum focal length are of 18mm – 55mm. The shorter the focal length, the greater the area captured and whereas the longer the focal length

A home office has grown to become man’s 2021 solution to his 2020 problems of Covid-19, social distancing, lockdown and work from home. Working at home is rapidly increasing as a counter strike to the problem the world is reeling in. Interior design has expanded its frontiers to meet the evolving demands of a home office. A home office today has to serve comfort,

Hemp Jewellery has been and continues to be very popular among both hobbyists and would-be entrepreneurs alike. Commercial hemp is the fiber used in making hemp jewellery, and it is available in numerous arts and crafts stores. Hemp is strong and durable, provides room for customization and it is environment friendly. Hemp is a type of Cannabis Sativa plant species that is grown exclusively

Myths on hair extensions are quite wide in the market, but there are few that intimidate the ones trying hair extensions for the first time. Here are some facts and figures that might help one in finding the truth behind these myths: MYTH #1 Hair Extensions Cause Hair Damage. This is a myth that's been spreading for ages, and though it may have some truth when

Gemstones possess a distinct crystalline and optical character which provides a unique identity to the jewellery created from them. They are also popular not just because of their aesthetic value but also due to its impact on the human mind. A lot of people are observed to adorn gemstone rings and other ornaments. (https://swagatgrocery.com/) Each stone is symbolic of the zodiac sign.

Hair extensions continue to grow, and along with it the varieties of medium used for hair extensions, and available styles.Triggered as  a vision of a 2000s pop darling at the VMAs rocking was an obvious fake piece, but that has now given way to modern, high fashion hair extensions that blend smoothly with natural hair. As a fact, many celebrities, and influencers wear

Difference between Editorial and Commercial Shoot? Is one of the most common questions asked by the budding Photographers. One of the biggest differences between editorial and commercial photography is budget. The objective of editorial photography is to convey a story whereas commercial photography talks about a brand’s story and tries to connect it to the consumers. A commercial shoot’s budget is very high

Packaging design is the process of creation of a packaging for a product. It is the creation of a structure that serves to contain, protect, transport, dispense, store, identify, and distinguish a product in the marketplace. Like any other industry, packaging design is an industry of its own. It is not only important in serving its purpose with regard to the product, but