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February 2022

Calming colors make the interiors of a bedroom soothing and relaxing. Wall colors in interior design have the potential to determine the emotions of the people living in it. Creating a soothing bedroom is the ultimate motive of interior designers. Imagine waking to the bedroom after a really frustrating day at work. Do you know how it feels? There is a vibration of relaxation

Diploma Courses have become a rage today. Upteem number of colleges and universities offer various diploma courses for the students apart from their regular degree classes. Post the completion of your higher secondary or bachelors, you must have come across the suggestions of pursuing certain diploma courses to hone your skills further. But what’s the charm? Why is the world pitching for it? And

The fresh and vibrant spring season is all about a complete wardrobe revamp and setting up the mood for the entire year. The fashion trend that we noticed on the runaway brought us face to face with floral prints, use of white and on the industrial level- inculcation of natural fibres and dyes. But being a fashion stylist, you must be aware of

Flooring is a peerless element of interior design. There is so much significance given to flooring but very often, significance is given to only the flooring of interiors. It should be noted that flooring is equally far-reaching in an apartment balcony. An apartment balcony is where there is human traffic. With a mixture of natural and artificial light and other interior design accessories in

Spring is a season of revitalized energy. It brings us the beauty of nature with flowers and greenery at its best. It is synonymous to the idea of rebirth, rejuvenate, renew, resurrection and regrow. And the entire symbolism of spring deeply influences the fashion industry. In the fashion world, spring brings us easy breezy styles that are high on colours and prints- inspiring

Makeup gives a way to express one’s identity. As the new year has set in, we are all decked up with new resolutions and goals. And to go along with it, what would be the best accompaniment? Adhering to the latest makeup trend! As fashion changes its face and brings new trends for us every year or every season, accordingly our makeup also needs

Jewellery Design is an art and like every other form of art, it needs inspiration and techniques to deliver the pieces that can adorn the human body and intensify the appeal of the attire. We at JD Institute of Fashion Technology take our students through a rigorous journey during their Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design and give them the necessary knowledge to enter

Wooden decor is a highly effective element of interior design. Wood has been a part of the process of interior design for centuries together. Interior designers prefer wooden decor based on its abundant availability and efficiency in contemporary interiors. Wooden decor doesn’t mean using wood everywhere in the process of interior design. The true art of interior design lies in knowing where to implement

A large bedroom might be everybody’s dream but decorating a large bedroom is something not everyone likes to do. Most of the time, people end up getting confused and cluttering the bedroom taking away the essence of the largeness of the room altogether. When it comes to interior design, a bedroom is of utmost importance. Interior designers dedicate exclusive time, effort and energy to