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Spring 2022 Accessories Trend spring - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend thumbnail - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend

The fresh and vibrant spring season is all about a complete wardrobe revamp and setting up the mood for the entire year. The fashion trend that we noticed on the runaway brought us face to face with floral prints, use of white and on the industrial level- inculcation of natural fibres and dyes. But being a fashion stylist, you must be aware of how empty and hollow our dress would look without the right accessories.

accessories are like the complimentary serving that we get in a restaurant. Remember how happy it makes us? The right combo makes our plate delectable and scintillating, pushing us to enjoy it to the fullest. In a similar fashion, the right combination of outfits with accessories uplifts the entire look. Imagine what would Audrey Hepburn look like without that pearl necklace while wearing her unforgettable LBD or would Carrie Bradshaw really has made her mark on our wardrobes without the right pair of footwear? The answer is No!

In the styling game, your slightest effort and smallest accessory create a different look. Since we are emphasizing so much on accessories, let’s give you a glimpse of where should you as a stylist be focusing:

1. Head Accessory:

Hats and scarfs if paired right gives you an edgy as well as a classy look. There’s no denying the importance of a head accessory. Elevating the look, protecting from extreme weather conditions and turning to be a saviour on a bad hair day. The Spring of 2022 is witnessing the trend of beret with a net. Moreover, the headscarf has also made space in this year’s fashion necessity. Spring 2022 Accessories Trend spring - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend 4 - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend

2. Belt:

Whether wrapped around your summer dress or paired with your winter outfit, opting for a belt never goes out of style. However, this year the culture of the wide waist belts is fastening us. Pairing it with your regular dress or over the top, wide waist belt is creating the Victorian look, deducting the pain of a corset.

3. Bags:

Bags are essential. Imagine an outfit without a bag! Where would your wallet go? Where would you put your notebook, your book or your makeup? A bag holds a thousand things and parallelly elevates your look. This year going with the Pantone Colour of the year, the purple bag is trending. Totes or slings, style it according to your convenience and outfit. Spring 2022 Accessories Trend spring - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend 1 - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend

4. Jewellery:

This season we have witnessed the use of double-chained neckpieces as well as pearl jewellery. The designs are minimalistic but the styling is maximalist. Layering of chains and donning multiple rings are going to get attention. Moreover, body jewellery is getting pushed forward with handcuffs, arm cuffs, waist chains and more. In the jewellery forecast, a nostalgic vibe is going to stick around with individuals experimenting in their own aesthetic way.Spring 2022 Accessories Trend spring - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend 2 - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend

5. Footwear:

This year is all about reliving the old styles but in a refreshing way. Hence, for your feet chunky, popping and artfully embellished heels are stepping in. The colours that are ruling the footwear world is neon hues along with a combination of black. Moreover, the crossover of classic footwear styles is also witnessed.Spring 2022 Accessories Trend spring - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend 3 - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend

Spring fashion is all about celebrating the bunch of seasons that would be entering our lives in the new year. It sets the vibe for the entire year, and jewellery and accessory designers and stylists pick up the cues from it to give their domain a fresh kick. The accessories are born to complement your outfit and give it an edge. This Spring, style multiple accessories together in your ensemble and witness how you make the eyes turn. In the Diploma of International Fashion Styling course of JD Institue of Fashion Technology, students learn to evaluate the fashion trend and put it in their ensemble.Spring 2022 Accessories Trend spring - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend 5 - Spring 2022 Accessories Trend

Spring 2022 Accessories Trend