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Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise spring - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise Thumbnail - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise

Spring is a season of revitalized energy. It brings us the beauty of nature with flowers and greenery at its best. It is synonymous to the idea of rebirth, rejuvenate, renew, resurrection and regrow. And the entire symbolism of spring deeply influences the fashion industry. In the fashion world, spring brings us easy breezy styles that are high on colours and prints- inspiring us to revamp our wardrobe and bring in the warmth and coziness alongwith celebrating nature. Moreover, for the fashion designers spring brings a range of inspiration as our Mother Earth stays at its best.

As we all are well aware of this Spring trend that is flowing in, let’s talk about the other aspects to get the best of spring.

1. Natural Dyes:

Go for natural dyes this season and even in the upcoming season. Use the flora, fauna and other elements of nature to prepare your own dyes. At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, we impart awareness about sustainability in the fashion world. Our students have embarked on the journey of sustainable fashion and used natural dyes for curating their collections. In the year 2019, the AGHA collection by Asha Kuttan was curated using natural colours and natural dyes, drawing inspiration from Goa and the Kunbi tribe.


2. The Colour Of The Season:

Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise spring - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise 4 - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The RiseEvery season has its specific colour but spring gives you the flexibility to play with almost every colour. However, this year white is being embraced by the fashion industry on a large scale in their design. Our students Joel Jacob Mathew and Rashida Janise C P at JD Annual Design Awards also presented an all white collection inspired by another element of nature- dictyophora which is a bamboo fungus.

3. Biophilic Design:

This year biophilic design is on the rise. And why not? It’s fresh, vibrant and full of life and soothing colour. Green shade always uplifts your mood and earthy shades give you an edge while keeping your look classy. Biophilic design has also made its way into the interior design space and is helping people to reconnect with nature once again. In the JD Annual Design Awards of 2019, our fashion aspirant Disha Sethia showered us with a collection that was curated out of organic fabric while taking inspiration from a sustainable world.

4. Floral Print:

Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise spring - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise 2 - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The RiseFloral prints are also becoming much sought after design for the spring of 2022. The design world is experimenting with the classic print and going for large floral designs. Be it the entire outfit donning the floral print or just the borders of the dresses adorning it, this design is becoming an integral part of the curations of a fashion designer in 2022 as well as our wardrobes. Our bright designer, Shejim P’s collection showcased us a collection of men’s occasional wear that incorporated the floral design with special focus on the Eden variety of the rose.

5. Oversized Silhouettes:

This year’s spring is also about bringing the comfort of your home in a fashionable way. Since the pandemic hit, we have developed a taste for comfy clothes and flowy silhouettes. The spring of 2022 is witnessing the same in terms of promoting oversized shirts, baggy jeans, puff sleeves and fabrics that are lively and relaxed. As a fashion designer, one should be able to pick these cues and work forward to deliver the demand of the market. Get creative with the oversized outfits and bring in unique fabrics in the play to give your collection a distinctive look.

Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise spring - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise 3 - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The RiseSpring season sets the mood for the entire year of the fashion world. It injects new energies into the designers and takes them on a path to curate fresh, out-of-the-world designs and garments. JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Design and helps them to understand the intricacies of the fashion world. The course also helps the students explore new ways to create and utilise the resources of art, culture and technology. Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise spring - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise 5 - Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise

Spring Fashion Trends 2022 On The Rise