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January 2023

New year has begun and so is the vigour of Jediiians who are working in the direction of achieving perfection in their design aesthetics. But on the journey of mastering the requirements of the design industry, constructive feedback is a must. JD Institute of Fashion Technology provides the platform to channelise the talent of the young designers and bring them feedback from the

A study tour was scheduled for Jediiians pursuing their Masters and PG Diploma in Interior Design, prior to the completion of the Landscape Design module that deals with the importance of introducing the living greens in the enclosed spaces for the well-being of the users. The module covers the various types of natural landscapes and landforms, plant selection, history of gardens, sustainability, Landscape

Winter Wear achieves the fab fashion moment with the right accessories. Now that we have completed the 5-layer winter wear it is time to take a deep dive into the world of accessories to score the perfect snuggle points for a cosy winter. I don’t mean the dainty jewellery or the chunky bracelets, we are here to complete the winter fashion look with

Interior Designers play a vital role in the design industry. Their job role is not limited to just improving the space aesthetically but improving the functionality of the space with maximum optimization. The Interior Design domain goes through multiple shifts in pace with technology and the necessity of the world. Hence, abiding by the requirement of the domain, JD Institute always gives a

Are you an avid Instagram user? If yes, then you must have recently seen the rise in the skin care routine, the constant share of celebrities and dermatologists, along with brands with their targeted ads. All this hints at one thing, our attention towards skin care. But like every aspect of our lives as the season changes, skin care routine should also alter.