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January 2023

Mother-in-law's tongue -  Let's begin with a fun little plant with a curious name. Mother-in-law's plant, also called snake plant, is a yellow-tipped succulent that releases oxygen at night. It is known to be one of the best indoor plants for filtering the air of formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene. Better air quality and better sleep. How not to kill your mother-in-law's tongue? Although

The learners pursuing their BSc in Jewellery Design, 2022 Batch showcased their work with enthusiasm and in a creative way on the 13th of January, 2023. The exhibition was held inside the college campus of JD Institute of Fashion and Technology, Bangalore. The jewellery design aspirants started their journey from the foundation drawing module which includes line art, shading, perspective drawings, object drawing and

It's a time of year when streets are filled up with holiday lights, Christmas trees are decorated months in advance, cribs with nativity scenes are constructed, and homes and offices look like one big party sphere. Around the world, people are jubilant and passionately celebrating it. Every country has its own traditions for celebrating Christmas. Among the more well-known customs are the giving

JD Institute of Fashion Technology has many notable alumni over the years and those designer minds keep coming back to their alma mater. Ruder D who completed his BSc in Interior Design in 2022 recently returned to the campus and with glittery eyes and a wide grin spoke about his college life. “When I first came to college, I was completely lost but slowly

‘Time travel’ was explored through the various fashion eras in a display organized by the students of Diploma in Fashion Design November A 2022 batch on 13th January 2023. The presentation covered the modules on Art and Costume Appreciation and Draping. Practical aspects are an integral part of the learning process. It gives an opportunity to the students to bring out their creativeness and

Winter Fashion is the season for cosy comfort and more extra layers of fun. Although we look back at our childhood days of wearing grandma’s knitted monochrome sweaters and the little loops and tassels, we played with, winter fashion has taken a dramatic turn with oversized jackets and sleek trench coats. Replacing our monochrome button-down sweaters and unisex beanies that look new as