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March 2023

A diploma in fashion design is a program that gives students the essential knowledge and skills they need. These skills will enable them to get a job in the fashion industry after they finish it. In general, the program has a duration of one year. It also covers a wide range of topics, like fashion illustration, design principles, garment construction, textile science, and

The integration of technology in the domain of Interior Design is nascent to the market. Design and Tech industry since a long time has been dependent on each other, however the intersection of the two has always been on the scales. As the world has become tech-driven, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality in Interior, Metaverse and more, showcase the adaptation of latest tech in

In the fashion industry, fashion business management has been defined as a field that combines the creative and artistic aspects of fashion with the business and management side of the industry. A lot is involved in managing the whole fashion business process, which includes everything from the design and production stages to the marketing, sales, and distribution stages. The Diploma in Fashion Business

Diploma in Interior Design June 2022 batch held a display on their module Design Ideologies under the guidance of their faculty Mr. Fahad. The theme for the display was ‘Mysteries’. Mystery means how an obscured view leads to enticement. A place that is shrouded in mystery creates a sense of eager anticipation that may reward with something that is compelling when investigated further. To

Marc Robinson, a former model and actor and a renowned fashion show director visited JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore on 23rd of March 2023 to brief the aspiring designers about the upcoming fashion competition by Pepe Jeans. Pepe Jeans India in association with Marc Robinson launched the 1st student edition of Pepe Jeans London Fashion Designer Awards

A BVA/BDes in Product Design Program (Bachelor of Visual Arts / Bachelor of Design) offered by JD School of Design, powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, is an undergraduate program focusing on physical product design and development. The program usually takes four years to finish. It covers design thinking, materials, and manufacturing processes, sketching and prototyping, and the look and feel of

The students of Diploma in Interior Design January 2023 batch showcased a display that explored Design Thinking on 17th March 2023 under the guidance of Ms. Shruthi Krishnamurthy. As diploma batch students come from varied academic backgrounds, it was essential to have their design thinking journey start off with a fun and informative learning process. Hence, a brief introduction about different types of thinking

India's jewellery industry is one of its fastest-growing segments. With a revenue of $13 billion, India is the largest gold consumer in the world, consuming 20% of the world's gold. After BSc in Jewellery Design Career opportunities are abundant as increasing demand for branded ornaments has led to the emergence of a new breed of jewellery designers. In this field, there are ample

The JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, a three-year program available at their centres in Bangalore, Cochin, and Goa. The program is designed to provide an immersive and comprehensive learning experience that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the fashion design industry. Through a curriculum that emphasizes the fundamental aspects of the