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September 2023

The  Hindustan international furniture fair is India's largest finished furniture show and the most important event in the Indian furniture industry. HIFF is an appropriate business-to-business (B2B) platform for entrepreneurs, consultants, decision-makers, and trade delegations to meet, brainstorm, and build important commercial partnerships. HIFF serves as a catalyst for the growth and development of the furniture industry by giving excellent experiences in business

On September 15,2023 Jd institute of fashion Technology Cochin Organized Surface Ornamentation workshop for Students of MMO VHSS School ,Ernakulam , The workshop was started with an introduction session by our Student Nadiya Jamal from BSc ID followed by a briefing over several courses provided by Jd institute of fashion Technology cochin under the department of fashion and Interior as well the Internships

Do you remember the last time you walked into a place and couldn't help but appreciate its well-designed interiors? Everything looked perfect, from the well-selected colours and strategically installed furniture to the accurate spacing. So much so that you couldn't help but start wondering what the new interior design trends for 2023 are and if you, too, could become an interior designer.  If you

Interior design means having full control over the experience created in a space that could potentially affect a person’s mood and life. Interior designing establishes the function of space: the look, feel, and how it can appease the senses. There is a responsibility in creating interior design styles in that they should align with the inhabitant’s lifestyle choices, culture, social background and needs.  Well-being,

While designing a home lets you express your creativity, it requires an understanding of the core of designing. Interior design principles and design elements will help you create a design that is a stunning outcome of your imagination and a reflection of the homeowner’s personality. This blog will familiarize you with the basic principles and core interior design elements to help you implement cohesive

Do you love decorating your turf? Are you someone who is always spellbound by the enthralling hotels, buildings, restaurants and everything related to design? Some people have an innate flair for design. They thrive on creativity and have a penchant for detail. If you belong to this tribe of people, designing spaces can be your calling. The first step to becoming an A-list

Is your space missing that ‘Oomph’ or ‘WOW’ factor? You can spend an absurd amount of money and time designing a perfect ambience. If it doesn’t pull the right strings, it’s all in vain. Have you thought about changing the lighting? There’s no doubt that lights do more than just help you see! They fill the room, set the mood, help add focal

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Have you noticed the rising trend of minimal spaces furnished with lush natural greenery and sustainable décor? As the world continues to deal with climate change, global warming, and environmental degradation, society is becoming painstakingly aware of the importance of environmentally friendly buildings and interior design. Whether the ultimate goal is the renovation, decoration, or architectural detailing, designers and homeowners have promptly set

Interior design plays a big part in how you perceive a space, consciously or unconsciously. When you walk into a beautifully lit home with natural elements like plants, paintings and gentle colours, your senses automatically heighten. An interior decorator converts a drab space into an aesthetically pleasing one and one that supports functionality. Aiming for an interior design career in India is a