Stay Ahead of the Curve: Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

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Stay Ahead of the Curve: Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

Do you remember the last time you walked into a place and couldn’t help but appreciate its well-designed interiors? Everything looked perfect, from the well-selected colours and strategically installed furniture to the accurate spacing. So much so that you couldn’t help but start wondering what the new interior design trends for 2023 are and if you, too, could become an interior designer. 

If you are curious about future interior design trends, read on to learn more about interior design and how you can become a successful interior designer.

Interior Designing- The Art of Creating Magic Inside Spaces

Interior designing is the science and art of creating appealing yet functionally effective spaces inside buildings. From home decor to office spaces, every location needs to be carefully planned and designed to be aesthetically demanding and create the intended emotions in the users. This is where professionals, known as interior designers, carefully analyse one’s requirements and offer the latest decoration ideas.

Interior designers specialise in studying a location, analysing the requirements of their clients, planning the spaces, building conceptual designs and transforming the client’s vision into reality. By applying trendy interior designs, they also ensure that the area triggers the right emotions in the users. For instance, the ambience at an office and a hotel reception stimulate different feelings, thanks to their carefully-executed interiors.  

In India, interior design is much sought-after, and expert interior designers are highly paid-professionals. They often work with civil engineers, furniture brands, contractors and architects and stay up-to-date with the latest interior design trends. But before we understand the career journey of an interior designer, let’s explore the trending interior design styles of 2023.

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Trendy Interior Designs that are Here to Stay

With technological advancements and access to more resources, interior designers have taken the game of interior design to the next level. Although there are several new interior design trends that one can see in the market, the obvious question one asks is, “Which one of these is here to stay the longest?” 

If you, too, are curious to know the answer, read on to understand a few of these trendy interior designs that are here to stay.

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Sustainable Interior Design

Since many more people are becoming environmentally conscious, setting up a functional and sustainable interior space is only practical. This type of interior design, which also utilises recycled materials, is popular for reducing negative environmental impacts without compromising the needs and comforts of its occupants.

Specialised interior designers consider the natural airflow pattern and availability of natural light in the location to reduce the need for electrical lighting or cooling mechanism. Sustainable interior design considers the requirements of not just the present occupants but also does not negatively impact the needs of the future generation.

Interior Designs that employ Indestructible Fabrics

While popular fabrics such as velvet and linen undoubtedly provide a luxurious look, the problem occupants usually need help with while using them is their maintenance. Given the fast-moving lifestyle, switching to a more robust yet equally appealing option is only practical. 

This is where indestructible fabrics emerge as a popular choice among interior designers and inhabitants. Apart from requiring the least maintenance, these are also stain resistant and easy to wash, and few are even created from recyclable materials.

Textured Tiles 

Unsurprisingly, textures play a pivotal role in designs, let alone in interior design. Using patterns on surfaces, such as tiles, gives the viewers a perception of visually touching the place. Put, viewers generally make a perception of a place by taking a look at it. And well-textured tiles are known for enhancing their perception and providing them with a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Modern interior designers often use these textured tiles to make the perfect statement. This is because most of us are known to fall in ‘Love at First Tile!’

Historical or Vintage Interior Design

Although the latest design trends have come a long way from the 1980s (or even 1890s), a touch of history to modern design is still much sought after by many occupants. Expert interior designers feel millennials and the newer generation love adding vintage value by adding old show pieces or inherited articles to their spaces.  

From preserving vintage cars to showcasing historical showpieces in living spaces, everyone likes to carry a part of history and flaunt it as their latest home decor trends. 

You will find the perfect resources here to read more about popular interior design styles.

What does it take to become an interior designer?

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If you are someone known for flaunting their creativity and want to employ your skills in designing the perfect spaces, then be assured that you can have a bright future in a highly demanded profession. Presently, there are hundreds of courses offering the best training to help interested students build a rewarding career in interior design.

Besides having an eye for interior design trends, pursuing a career as an interior designer requires immense planning and commitment. After completing your schooling, you can apply for programs in interior design to avail the best mentorship for becoming a highly-demanded interior designer. Interior design courses teach you the theoretical aspects of the latest interior designs trends in India and also provide necessary practical on-field training. 

On completing the course, you can choose from various interior design types to pursue a career and work with leading brands to create more meaningful spaces.

What are the career options as an Interior Designer?

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As an interior designer, you can work on several projects ranging from home decor to hotels to corporate offices. After establishing a credible portfolio, you can work directly with well-known personalities and brands and bring their idea of the perfect interior space to life.

Talking about the remunerations, going by the stats on AmbitionBox, the salary range for a fresher can range from anywhere between INR 3 Lakhs per annum to INR 6 Lakhs per annum.

Final Thoughts

Here’s hoping you have understood the most exciting interior design trends for 2023. The prospects of building a successful career in interior design are just endless. With the ever-increasing number of office spaces, townships, and homes coming up globally, there is sure to be an evergreen demand for qualified and skilled interior designers who are abreast with the latest interior design trends.

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Besides giving you the necessary training and skill set, the course also helps you build the confidence to take on any interior design project and excel at it. 

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