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December 2023

Data assists product design teams in understanding their target users' pain points, uncovering new patterns, supporting data-driven design, and assuring teams that their work is on track. UX design makes decisions on delivering the best user experience using many types of research data. User information can immediately result in better business outcomes. The data-driven approach in design is a UX technique component that

Connecting with your customers and interacting with them to understand and serve their needs is essential for businesses. In recent times, it is interaction designs that express all of the digital conversations. What’s best about this is that interaction design principles do not limit just words through text. The processes involved begin with understanding the client’s perspective, research, planning, implementation, and delivering with efficiency.

Thoughtful and strategic use of white space in UI design is what makes it suitable. Good command of typography, colours and imagery is learned, but the spacing is intuitive. It comes with understanding important UI design rules that make your design easy on the users' eyes. This guide talks about such vital rules of spacing in UI design and reflects on how aspiring

Visual hierarchy is an essential aspect of UI design that determines how elements in a design are arranged and displayed to communicate their importance to the user.  Colour, contrast, size, and typography are just some of the tools used to establish hierarchy and draw the eye of the user to what's most essential on the screen. This article will discuss the significance of

One of the most critical components of UX design is generating key outlines of your design and communicating your ideas to your peers. This is where wireframes come in! These key tools allow you to create a basic layout and visually represent your ideas. You can then showcase designs to others and tweak design elements to better fit your webpage or app. Wireframes

During the Christmas season JD as part of its Joy of Giving initiative, embarked on a profoundly touching journey to spread Christmas cheer at two NGOs. On December 23rd and 24th, the faculty members – Ms. Sakshi Kanchan, Ms. Akshatha Rao and Ms. Sandra Thomas along with students visited a shelter for children and another for animals, creating moments that would be cherished

Christmas celebrations were organised by the student body - JEDIIIAN Design Council on 22nd December 2023 at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru Students, the orchestrators of joy, curated food stalls that transformed the premises into a haven of culinary delights. The scent of seasonal treats, blended with laughter, creating an atmosphere saturated with pure joy. Every corner of the institute was adorned with

Textile and handloom Seminar was organized by Jd institute of fashion technology Cochin on December 7, 2023. The entire seminar was led by Dr May Jacob Director of Research and Project Development at Agronature, "Textile and Handloom." The enlightening  seminar covered a variety of topics, making a lasting impression on students from the Fashion and Interior Design departments. The presentation was not only