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AJay Kumar – Jury Video – JDADA 2019

JD Annual Design Awards is around the corner, the JEDIIIANS have just done with their External Jury. Ajay Kumar, an epynomous fashion Designer and Creative Director at Ajay Kumar, who was a part of the Jury panel for Fashion Department shares his experience about the entire collection.

Brief About the Theme

This year’s theme is Curator. We’re inspiring and guiding the design aspirants to become expert, obsessive and articulate curators of ideas you care about. The traditional definition of a curator is someone who takes care of a museum collection. The modern definition of a curator is someone who cares for something enough to study it, collect it, improve on it significantly and communicate it interestingly before an audience. A modern-day curator is a bridge between the idea he is passionate about and an audience eager to know more about the idea. He or she lives and breathes the cause. And the cause isn’t limited to the professional sphere. They actively live the philosophy. It enters all walks of life. That’s why they get the most creative, innovative and resonant ideas.

About Ajay Kumar

The new global face of Indian Luxury Fashion whose designs are deeply rooted in Indian culture and heritage.

An alumni of NIFT, DelhiMr Ajay kumar is the New Global Face of Indian Luxury Fashion. He has worked under prestigious menswear brands across India such as Unistyle Images, Blackberry’s, Indigo Nation, Reid & Taylor, and has headed the design section for Peter England. He has recieved ‘Most Practical Menswear Collection Award’. He redefined the way Indian men perceived fashion in his debut collection at 2015 Gen Next Lakme Fashion Week, India.

But a strong desire to make his own mark in fashion inspired him to quit his high profiled job in 2014 and led him start his own brand called “Mr. Ajay Kumar”.

The brand is a reflection of his persona and comes out as strong, bold, eclectic, flamboyant, yet emotionally rooted in heritage and grounded by sustainable practices. At LFW Spring-Resort 2016, Ajay launched his equally vivacious womenswear line to cater to the ever-growing popularity for his print designs amongst women.

The brand has showcased 5 seasonal collections at Lakme Fashion Week,a resort line at Swim Week Colombo, and at Harbin Fashion week, China.

Celebrities such as Salman Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Ayushhmann Khurrana, Hrithik Roshan,and Rohit Khandelwal have adorned his garments. His collections have spread across and were featured in Vogue China, Harpers Bazaar China, GQ India, Vogue India,Vogue China, Elle India, Maxim India, Verve India, Filmfare, Cosmopolitan etc.

Thank you Mr. Ajay for being a part of our external Jury member.