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Designers - Born or Made? designers - Designers Born or Made 2 - Designers – Born or Made?

Designers are born or made, is a question which can be debated upon incessantly. One of the most essential factors required in the pursuit of creating noteworthy designs, common amongst great designers is creativity. However, it does take a good amount of knowledge, time and methodical consistency to turn creative revelations into realities.

Theoretically speaking, every person has the potential to use their intrinsic talent for design, practice and hone the skills required. They always look for ways to improve things; their brains seem to seek problems until they can find a solution. However, this calls for a great commitment from persons who choose to follow the path.

Designers - Born or Made (1) designers - Designers Born or Made 1 - Designers – Born or Made?

What makes a good designer? Is it skill, talent or experience? Or all three? It may seem that all three are required. They are also linked and what links them is learning – one needs to learn to acquire knowledge. Amassed knowledge leads to experience and with it comes skill. The longer one does something and consistently, the better they become. Talent, implies that one is a born phenomenon rather than being taught. Training can however cover for a lack of talent; raw talent can cover for a lack of training. Design is the edifice of a system that shapes behaviour. At times design is about creating something so stunning that it conjures a feeling of happiness just to use it.

It’s never too early — or too late — to nurture a talent. Practise makes perfect with things like sports, singing, musical instruments and dance, so why isn’t the same rule applicable to things like drawing or painting?

Designers - Born or Made? designers - Designers Born or Made 3 - Designers – Born or Made?

Nurture talent

At the core of every designer is a vision and drive to create great design.

  • A lack of a formal education does not imply that one cannot become a designer.
  • Passion for art and design is a pre-requisite. Passion for design should be so strong that nothing should be allowed to get in the way.
  • Mentorship is extremely imperative and an aspirant can benefit significantly from them.

It is also important to have resources and actions that will help in honing design skills:

  • Subscribe to design blogs
  • Read, read and read some more
  • Follow the work of leading and upcoming designers
  • Keep an eye for great design and see what they are doing right
  • Practice
  • Experiment
  • Seek feedback and critique
Designers - Born or Made? designers - Designers Born or Made 4 - Designers – Born or Made?

Resources are important to seek knowledge

Designers may or may not be made or born with, but they still need to train this innate flair to get there.

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