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How to become a jewellery designer? jewellery designer - Jewellery Designer - How to become a jewellery designer?

Jewellery Designer as a profile is meant for someone who has a creative flair and talent to design jewellery pieces that are attractive, innovative and create a sense of intrigue and interest. If the aspirant updates oneself with trends and has an eye for the best pieces of jewellery alongwith basic idea of design and materials then the field of jewellery design may be for you.

The opportunity to create a piece of jewellery that is evocative, be it a wedding ring or a necklace that becomes a treasured heirloom or a piece that creates a statement. Jewellery is not just about the big occasions, it is also worn as an everyday wear. It has also extended into technology. The diversification in design and the varied possibilities is what makes the job so appealing and attractive to the young aspirants.

How to become a jewellery designer? jewellery designer - Diamond Pendant - How to become a jewellery designer?

Diamond pendant

It is important to master the fundamentals of jewellery design alongwith the techniques required to excel as a jewellery designer. Jewellery designers work with a wide range of materials like metals, fiber, glass, precious and semi-precious gemstones etc. From simple designs to exquisite pieces, a jewellery designer’s work includes the wide gamut of the process from concept to final creation.

The concept is the first step in the process of creating jewellery and acts as a framework for the jewellery designer to determine the integration of various elements into the final creation. Having a concept helps the jewellery designer gauge if the piece hold potential of standing out and if it is unique and can create an interest from potential buyers, is it wearable, will it be heavy etc. It also helps determine the kind of materials that needs to be incorporated into the design.

Apart from the concept and design skills, what helps in the process of jewellery creation is the knowledge of materials like metals, gemstones, composition, what will work or will not work in its creation. This step is important as it helps jewellery designers to eliminates building blocks that can be detrimental in creating the piece thus enabling them to make conscious choices to create aesthetically pleasing pieces.

How to become a jewellery designer? jewellery designer - Creativity - How to become a jewellery designer?

Concept and design skills are important

Jewellery design also involves a good hold of technique. This can be picked up through self-learning or by pursuing a Jewellery Design course. Technique is essential as it provides designers with the ability to create designs, determine if a piece is wearable or durable or if the length of the piece is right. Technique leads to the creation of beautiful pieces that come to life from a mere idea to completion. Jewellery designers must have an artistic streak and deftness. They must be detail oriented, able to visualise and understand jewellery trends and what is in demand.

Apart from the requisite skills, a jewellery designer needs to have a strong portfolio. It is central for gaining internships or a new job or even while starting out as an entrepreneur. This helps prospective clients or employers understand the designer’s style of work and potential.

How to become a jewellery designer? jewellery designer - Jewellery - How to become a jewellery designer?

Showcase your artistic skills

Networking is another essential to build contacts within the industry. Just because one completes a course should not mean that their learning is over. Like every successful person, jewellery designers too must constantly upgrade their skills since there is always something new that enters the market. Learning should never stop if one wants to be successful and irreplaceable.

How to become a jewellery designer? jewellery designer - Networking - How to become a jewellery designer?


Jewellery Designer profile is creatively satisfying. Being artistic is intrinsic, however even if one isn’t and wants to become a part of the jewellery industry as a designer, then skills, techniques and design can be learnt by enrolling in a 3 years BSc. in Jewellery Design course. If time is of essence then a 1year Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design is also beneficial.

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How to become a jewellery designer?