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Gouache Painting for Jewellery Design

Gouache painting is a form of hand painting that is achievable for people who have studied the art of painting jewels.  Before the advent of computer aided softwares, handmade practice of rendering through the use of Gouache painting was most sought after in jewellery designing. However, a number of well-known brands still use this form to showcase their designs in the media to showcase the detailing of the jewellery piece from a painting to the final product. Only a small number of jewellery designers have been able to truly master the art of jewellery painting.

Gouache Painting for Jewellery Design

Gouache painting – The art of hand rendering

Though to the naked eye Gouache and watercolour may appear identical, the difference between the paints is that Gouache is more opaque than watercolour. When a layer of watercolour is applied on the white paper, the drawings underneath will show through. However, when a layer of gouache paint is applied, the underlying drawing will not show through as much. Due to the transparent property of watercolour, the light is able to travel through and reflect from the white paper, giving it a glowing quality that contrasts Gouache’s matte finish. Also, Gouache dries much faster. Whereas, watercolour takes a longer time to dry.

Gouache Painting for Jewellery Design

Difference between Watercolour and Gouache

Gouache painting takes a long time to achieve. The more intricate the detailing, the greater number of days. This painting provides a technical framework for the jewellery maker. When a piece is commissioned, it starts with the presentation of a detailed gouache painting as a visual of the final product for the Client and acts as a deciding factor.

Fine jewellery Gouache painting are also sought after in the art world due to its detailing and are a collector’s delight. The resale value of a jewellery piece with its original painting fetches a higher value at auctions.

Gouache Painting for Jewellery Design

The painting and the final product – Bulgari’s Roman Inspired Barocko Collection

Gouache painting is a combination of various elements that include – design, balance, detailing and conventional painting. The real challenge lies in achieving realistic results. The art of hand painting is taught in most jewellery designing courses. Inorder to learn about the art form enroll in our 3 years BSc. in Jewellery Design course.

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Gouache Painting for Jewellery Design