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What is fashion management ?

What is fashion management ? Fashion industry is not composed of designers and models, but also people who run and manage the business of designers and their brands. Fashion management deals with the building of brand image and awareness in the general public as well as the management of marketing, merchandising and retail of fashion products. This includes organisation, planning and promotion of a fashion business as well. In a fashion management course, students are subject to the development of leadership and managerial skills specifically in fashion, garment export, lifestyle as well as the retail sector. Through a fashion management course, students develop the skill and knowledge to be leaders and top managers in the fashion industry.

What is fashion management ? what is fashion management - Fashion management 1 - What is fashion management ?

Fashion management involves building brand awareness and identity

Fashion management job description depends on the nature of the fashion business and the goals, objectives and aim of that company. Nevertheless, fashion management responsibilities include sourcing, merchandising, retail, understanding international as well as national business and design practices. Through attending various field visits and industry visits, they build an understanding of various fashion business practices, fashion management methods, trends and fashion business operations. They need to be resilient in their decision making, and possess the ability to manage risk and decision strategies that hold the business of the company at the forefront. Along with this they need to have the ability for networking and capability to provide problem solutions.

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Fashion management involves with fashion business and leadership

What is fashion management is a question that entering fashion aspirants ask themselves. Fashion management in India has diversified itself as a practice because of the increased buying power of its population and with the increase in the rise of new designer labels and fashion brands. This provides new career opportunities in fashion management such as in retail management, e-business, social media marketing, luxury fashion management, marketing sales, fashion business management and product design managers. The field is witnessing an evolution with the increase in digital technologies and it promises new job opportunities that value new ways of thinking and adapting to the current situation. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru’s fashion management course prepares students with the knowledge and skill to be efficient fashion managers along with the development of the aptitude and decision making capacity to be a leader in the field.

What is fashion management ?