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Industry visit for the Interior Design Course students

As part of the curriculum JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Interior Design course students the students are given exposure to understand different varieties of stones (natural as well as man-made) are used in the field of construction and particularly interior design. The idea of these kinds of visits is to observe and gain knowledge for their own works. Sweety Purohit, Faculty Diploma in Interior Design writes down her review on the visit.

We all know that time and again mankind has been drawn towards stone as a key building material. Natural stones are especially favoured because they give a sense of longevity and authenticity to a property. Their texture and vibrancy not only add value to space, it even gives us a feeling that the property will stand the test of time. When stones are used in smaller areas, it speaks of sophistication and exquisite taste. Moreover, stones can be adapted to be used for both outdoors and indoors.

As interior designers, while designing a space, we are spoilt for choices with regards to the use stones. It is very critical to understand various options available to us in the market and how to bring them to use. Crucial factors like budget, place of utilization and the characteristics and specifications of the stone itself play a key role in decision making.

The journey of HMG began with its establishment by Mr Anand Reddy in 1986, which started off as a trading company committed solely towards marble and granite.

Today HMG has an exclusive and extensive range of finished marble and granite covering every hue and grain pattern displayed in their spacious showrooms. It offers an exclusive yet diverse selection of 175 colours of marble and granite and 50 different kinds of finishes. HMG Stones ensures that the aesthetic appeal of the finest marble and granite finds its fullest expression which is why it has associations with reputed organizations like CAPEXIL, FKCCI and AIGSA.

HMG Stones sources its marble and granite blocks and slabs from the finest quarries of over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia.

The beauty of natural stone is in its uniqueness. Each and every stone is different, with its own quirks and imperfections making each creation truly one of kind. Integrating stones in design help maintain the bond between man and nature. Stone being environment-friendly, sustainable, low maintenance and long lasting have become a key raw material in the field of Interior Design.

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Industry visit for the Interior Design Course students

Industry visit for the Interior Design Course students

Industry visit for the Interior Design Course students