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Vam’s Design – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Vam Designers: Amrutha, Mansi and vignesh (Group 44) Vam’s Design is a multipurpose product inspired by the idea of space constraints. The designers have shaped the product in an interesting manner, that it can be used as a false ceiling, a swing and a coffee table as well. This piece is extremely compact, unconventional

Tesleley – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Tesleley Designers: Reema Khan, Baladwish.N, Ankitha.U.N (Group 46) The need and necessity of space management which is the crucial base of most of our life and the trade-off we face with it, has made it necessary for more innovations which help us utilise our space and furniture efficiently. The product ‘Teslely’ is a good example

Smart Furniture – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Smart Furniture Designers: Abhishek Anurag, Amruth Nayaks and Kiran Patel (Group 73) The product Smart Furniture is a modular kitchen that has been designed to utilize less space, have a natural look and serve utility for all. It is simple and compact, which can fit even in a small area or an apartment. The

Rustic Bookcase– Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Roll Out Designers: Rosanne Rochelle, Pooja G, Nupur D Jain. (Group35) Organising and maintaining a bookshelf can be a challenging task especially when heavier books are involved. To avoid the hassle, designers have come up with an innovative solution through a magnetic press button mechanism, which makes arranging books effortlessly. Materials used to build this innovative

PORTRAIT DESK – CHANGE - JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: PORTRAIT DESK Designers: NANDINI.G, DIVYA REDDY (Group 24) Portrait Desk is three in one furniture. This era captivates portable products. The designers have focused on bringing up an innovative product which is initially a Canvas portrait and later converts into a shelf and a desk with storage. This kind of multipurpose product makes it

POLYHEDRONS – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name:  POLYHEDRONS Designers: Ramya M, Harshitha, Shubha H (Group 78) Keeping multifunctional furniture is a smart choice in today’s time. The product POLYHEDRONS is a shoe rack which is mainly designed considering the space constraints issue in mind. The product consists of triangle shape racks, seating and storage area which is portable and can be fitted

Painting cum table– Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Painting Cum Table Designers: Kruthi, Likitha, Kavya (Group79) The essence of this product lies in the diversity and multi-functionality, as it can be a painting which can be hung on the wall or it can be put to use as a table. The painting is wall mounted on one side, when hung on the

 Functional Wardrobe– Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Functional Wardrobe Designers: Praveen Kumar H, Mahendra Kumar, Sahana B A (Group75) Bachelors are known to face problems with organising their wardrobes; Designers have recognised this problem and have come up with innovative design solutions to efficiently manage space. This wardrobe is a multifunctional set-up in a single unit which can accommodate clothes, a working