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Interior designers life in a nutshell 

Interior designers are often misunderstood about their job description and career in general. The life of interior designers remains to be in the dark because not many people know much about the profession.

Interior designers life in a nutshell 

Interior designers life in a nutshell

Interior design is not a walk in the park. No profession is. Every profession has its own complications and rough days. Work can get stressful from time to time. However, the life of interior designers is exciting, dynamic and gets stressful from time to time.

Now, let’s try and understand the life of interior designers in this blog by going through what all they do in a day:

1. Meeting with new clients: Clients are the soul of interior designers. There are new clients springing up at dawn and interior designers need to make their peace with meeting every one of them. Interior designers generally begin their day by meeting their new and prospective clients. They discuss the upcoming project, inquire about their needs and desires and make a note of them. After figuring out a deadline and budget, the project goes on floors.

Interior designers life in a nutshell 

Meeting new clients

2. Create design boards: After getting the terms and conditions finalized in the meeting, the next step interior designers do is to create design boards. This means that interior designers use fabric, paint and colour samples to create the first draft of the design. It is after this draft that interior designers make amendments after taking the feedback from their clients.

Interior designers life in a nutshell 

Create design boards

3. Take care of function and safety: Safety is the first priority of interior designers. Apart from making the space aesthetically pleasing, interiors designers also take care of making the space functional and safe for their clients to live in.

Interior designers life in a nutshell 

Function and safety

4. Suppliers and contractors: After getting the first draft cleared from clients, interior designers continue the process by consulting suppliers and contractors. Suppliers are the ones who deliver materials like tiles, fabric and furniture. Contractors, on the other hand, conduct hands-on work like carpentry, plumbing and electrical works. Interior designers’ primary responsibility here is to get all the materials for a reasonable price.

Interior designers life in a nutshell 

Suppliers and contractors

5. Update clientsCommunication is a vital part of interior designers’ work. In a day, interior designers meet numerous clients in a day and it is their responsibility to keep updating their clients with the latest developments in the project.

Interior designers life in a nutshell Interior designers change their day-to-day work schedules based on last-minute changes in the project. However, it is important to note that interior designers’ work is not a 9 to 5 job. There are uncertainties in the profession and designers evolve based on the trends in the design industry. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the premier design institutes in Bengaluru that recognizes the significance of such professionals and works towards creating more and more potential professionals in the design industry through various courses it offers.

Interior designers’ life in a nutshell