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Makeup Trends For 2023

Good makeup has always attracted all of us. Tell us, how many of you have not scrolled through those Instagram reels to know the nitty gritty of makeup and what’s in and out of it. The Makeup world just like fashion follows the pathway of change. Hence, today we will talk about Makeup Trends for 2023.

As a makeup artist it is very important to understand the trends. You would not want to make cardinal mistakes that ruin your reputation and put you off market. Staying true to the makeup trends, not only gives you a boost in your career but also helps you identify the upcoming trends.

Take a look at Makeup Trends for 2023:

1. Minimal Makeup:

Makeup is not always about extravagance. Natural look has turned out to be more sought after and it will continue to rule the trend list of 2023 too. In order to nail the minimal makeup, you need to go for natural shades or highlight either lips or eyes in the perfect manner.

Makeup Trends For 2023

2. Smokey With Colours:

Smokey eye has been everyone’s favourite. But whenever we talk about smokey eyes, our focus shifts to charcoal shaded eyelids. Well, good news, smokey eyes are going to rule the year of 2023. But there’s a twist to it. It is no longer just black. In the upcoming season you’ll get to witness smokey makeup in different shades. Light, as well as dark hues, will be experimented to create various looks. So, keep your brush ready for some swoosh of colours.

Makeup Trends For 2023


3. Super Blush:

Blush application style changes in every era, however, the blush draping which was popular during the 70s has kept everyone enchanted. Be it the renowned celebrities or the influencer, blush draping is loved by everyone. The best way to do it is swooshing the brush from cheekbones to your temple. The pink or red flush that comes with it helps in elevating the entire structure of the face and gives your skin a healthy glow.


Makeup Trends For 2023
4. Colour Pop:

A pop of colour has always been appreciated. Over the time makeup has transformed and in the year 2023, colour pops will be taken forward. Be it a dash of neon green eye-lines, white mascara or bright lips, colour pop will be seen hitting the ramp as well as streets of the world.

Makeup Trends For 2023


5. Super Dewy:

Hydrated, dewy looks always win the heart. But for the upcoming season it will change to a more glossy form. Super dewy looks will hit the ramp and will make us all crave for it. If you are someone who follows makeup trends religiously then be prepared to inculcate the dewy look. Achieve it with the best of your products.

Makeup Trends For 2023


Makeup is an integral part of human lives. We tend to deny it but pick up any historical event and witness the culture. Using natural colouring agents like pomegranate, rose petals, kohl and more to decorate the face has always been appreciated.

Since ancient times the makeup trends have been changing and in current days, it has become an annual thing. As a makeup artist, you should be following the latest trend and incorporate your own style into it. The diploma course of Hair and Makeup artistry at JD Institute of Fashion Technology helps the enthusiasts to learn professional makeup and further propel their career in the industry.