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Semi-open Kitchen: 4 Interior Design Tips to Consider

A semi-open kitchen is a reflection of modern elements, efficient functionality and visual appearance. A semi-open kitchen unlike open kitchens ensures privacy and at the same time emanates a sense of openness in the kitchen.

Designing the interiors of a kitchen is an intricate task combing a series of procedures. To ensure the kitchen interior design is 2021 worthy, it is important to hire a potential interior designer who can help you in designing a modern kitchen.

A semi-open kitchen is ideal for small and compact houses and apartments. When space crunch has struck to cause a major disadvantage to the process of interior design, a semi-open kitchen is a right way to go about kitchen interior design.

In this blog, we offer 4 interior design tips that can help you in the process of designing a semi-open kitchen:

1. Design a service window 

Installing a service window in a semi-open kitchen enhances the interaction between the kitchen and corresponding areas. A service window also could be the point of contact where one passes on plates, utensils and food to people outside the kitchen.

Semi-open Kitchen: 4 Interior Design Tips to Consider
2. Overhead cabinets

Storage is an important aspect of designing a kitchen. When an interior designer is designing a semi-open kitchen, the concept of storage becomes even more important owing to the space crunch on the kitchen. To combat this, overhead cabinets can be placed right above the service window and brings uniformity in place.

Semi-open Kitchen: 4 Interior Design Tips to Consider3. A sliding door 

Sliding doors help in adding lightness into the kitchen. Incorporating sliding doors in a semi-open kitchen additionally reckons up the level of flexibility. One can slide the doors in times of need and close at other times. With a single slide, a semi-open kitchen can turn into a closed kitchen.

Semi-open Kitchen: 4 Interior Design Tips to Consider4. Bi-folding dividers 

The purpose of bi-folding dividers is very straightforward. When one is cooking, one can close the bi-folding dividers, and once the preparation is over, one can open the bi-folding dividersfor an open view. This way, bi-folding dividers help in converting the look of the kitchen in one minute.

A semi-open kitchen is a representation of a modern kitchen. With interior designers recommending a semi-open kitchen to every client with space crunch issues, they are becoming increasingly popular in the realm of interior design. Follow JD Institute of Fashion Technology which offers the best courses for degree in interior design in Bengaluru.