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Fashion industry is a domain that offers a plethora of job opportunities to those aspirants who want to make a career out of their creativity. The scope of fashion design is increasing everyday and roping in more and more enthusiasts to follow their passion and speak through their aesthete mind. The industry is open and embraces all those who have a vision and want to be the wave of change in the world. In order to serve the design community, JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore forms a pathway for the designers and helps them achieve their dreams. 

In the past few years, the Fashion Industry has become one of the fastest growing industries, putting India on a global map in terms of textile, inspiration, art and culture. The country has a rich history and has witnessed a sudden rise in the number of fashion designers who have made their name on international platforms. As the young crowd is traversing more towards the new age courses and curriculum, the scope of Fashion Design is also increasing.

Today we will discuss the same and showcase how you can achieve your dreams by pursuing a Fashion Design course.

1. Fashion Illustrator:

A Fashion Illustrator gives life to the idea of a fashion designer through sketches and gives the discussed collection the details ahead of its real life production. The fashion Industry looks for these visionary minds who can replicate the design sensibility of the designer effectively and create the base before the actual production process starts. Moreover, if you are good at illustration, the world opens up multiple opportunities to you. You can establish your own gifting solutions and sell off your illustration works and receive recognition.Scope Of Fashion Design scope of fashion design - Scope Of Fashion Design 2 - Scope Of Fashion Design

2. Fashion Designer:

As a fashion designer your work is to curate new products keeping in mind the market demand, latest trend and your creativity. The design industry is fueled by creativity and your uniqueness gets recognised instantly. You can work for the established brands and express your vision. Moreover, you can go ahead on the journey of entrepreneurship and establish your own label. India has given rise to many world renowned fashion designers such as Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar and more.

With time, India is turning out to be an important pin on the fashion map. Many designers draw their inspiration from the rich art and culture of the country and explore the vistas of textiles it offers.Scope Of Fashion Design scope of fashion design - Scope Of Fashion Design 3 - Scope Of Fashion Design

3. Fashion Coordinator:

Ahead of the release of a new collection, lots of hard work and sleepless nights goes. A fashion coordinator looks after the prevailing fashion trend and coordinates both internally and externally in terms of organizing shows, launches, sourcing the right fabric for the given design, and more. They are well-versed with the market demands as well as the working environment of the fashion industry.  

4. Fashion Stylist:

A fashion designer curates the product pieces while it is a Fashion stylist’s job to present it in the best form. A fashion stylist with his/her unique touch gives the designs a new dimension by pairing it with the right kind of accessories. Apart from working as a stylist in a big brand, you can also become a personal stylist for famous celebrities and express your vision to the world.Scope Of Fashion Design scope of fashion design - Scope Of Fashion Design 1 - Scope Of Fashion Design

5. Fashion Merchandiser:

The scope of Fashion design is not only limited to the design world. From designing a new collection to putting it out for the public, involves multiple stages and lots of hard work. It is not an overnight job and requires active and creative minds. As a fashion merchandiser, your job is to read the trends of the market, find your target customer and collect multiple data like the affordable fabric, the inclusions of sustainable angle and more to incorporate it effectively into the line of production. Also, as a Fashion Merchandiser, you’ll have to look after the distribution of the final product in the market.

The Fashion Industry offers a plethora of jobs to those who are interested and ready to work hard. With the increasing scope of Fashion Design, you should enroll in various Fashion Design courses available in JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore. The fashion Institute has a legacy of 30+ years and offers various Bachelors, Masters and Diploma courses in Fashion Design. The fashion design school helps its students to carve a path of their own in this vast industry and prepares them for all the challenges.