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Fashion industry is a domain that offers a plethora of job opportunities to those aspirants who want to make a career out of their creativity. The scope of fashion design is increasing everyday and roping in more and more enthusiasts to follow their passion and speak through their aesthete mind. The industry is open and embraces all those who have a vision and

Textile Testing is one of the most important steps of fabric construction as it helps identify the quality of the textile as well as what it is best used for. There are various methods of textile testing that a fabric goes through before being sent into factories for product manufacturing. Textile testing is necessary to: Checking raw materials. Monitoring production. Assessing the final product.

3D Printing has caused a disruption in the jewellery industry as a favourable technology to achieve new design freedom that is not possible with traditional methods of manufacturing. The incorporation of 3D printing into jewellery is turning into a commonplace, be it as an addition to traditional techniques or as the primary method of fabrication. Origin of 3D Printing 3D printing has been around for the