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Fashion Portfolio As the name implies, a fashion portfolio contains a collection of the work of a fashion designer or stylist, showcasing their creativity, skills, and personal tastes. And creating a fashion portfolio is very important because this serves as a visual representation of their abilities and a tool for showcasing their work to potential clients, employers, or customers. Among the types of fashion portfolios

The JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, a three-year program available at their centres in Bangalore, Cochin, and Goa. The program is designed to provide an immersive and comprehensive learning experience that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the fashion design industry. Through a curriculum that emphasizes the fundamental aspects of the

Fashion industry is a domain that offers a plethora of job opportunities to those aspirants who want to make a career out of their creativity. The scope of fashion design is increasing everyday and roping in more and more enthusiasts to follow their passion and speak through their aesthete mind. The industry is open and embraces all those who have a vision and

The fresh and vibrant spring season is all about a complete wardrobe revamp and setting up the mood for the entire year. The fashion trend that we noticed on the runaway brought us face to face with floral prints, use of white and on the industrial level- inculcation of natural fibres and dyes. But being a fashion stylist, you must be aware of

What is fashion styling ? For a new entrant in fashion it can seem daunting to understand the various fields that are involved within this broad field. Fashion styling is the art and practice of styling clothes through their combination to create certain looks that are aesthetically pleasing, which at the same time is appropriate for the occasion that the wearing engages in.

Scope of Fashion Designing Fashion designing has become very popular in India in the last few years and many people are now considering it as a career choice. With economic prosperity, the average income of Indians has increased. Hence, people have better lifestyles compared to the past and they can afford to spend more on their attire. As a result, there is an increased

Differences Between Fashion Designers and Fashion Stylist The most important underlying differentiator between Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist is that the Designer ideally Designs and Creates the outfit. The Stylist, coordinates and style the client according to the occasion using outfits and accessories. While both the job profile need an accurate understanding of fashion and trends, the profile for Fashion Designer demands higher technical levels