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Gen Z has changed our fashion aesthetics. The generation is known for its worldwide presence on digital media and has harnessed the power of these platforms to get rewards. Talking about the fashion world, Gen Z has given a new outlook to the world. Their dress-up and outfits are distinct and they love to carry their style as an extension of their identity.

Fashion Design is an intensive course that prepares the aspirant to go through multiple challenges and hone their skills that may stay latent for many. It is an interactive course that requires constant research of the market, the demand of the consumers and the touch of individuality and creativity. JD Institute of Fashion Technology caters to the design field and through its various courses

Spring is a season of revitalized energy. It brings us the beauty of nature with flowers and greenery at its best. It is synonymous to the idea of rebirth, rejuvenate, renew, resurrection and regrow. And the entire symbolism of spring deeply influences the fashion industry. In the fashion world, spring brings us easy breezy styles that are high on colours and prints- inspiring

In recent times, the interest in natural dyes has grown due to toxic and allergic reactions associated with synthetic dyes. Natural dyes obtained from flowers, plants, shrubs etc. are earth-friendly and are biodegradable resources. These dyes produce colours that are difficult to be obtained from their synthetic counterparts. The article concentrates on natural dyeing with an emphasis on Floral dyeing, a sustainable method