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Fashion Designing Jdinstitute student speak- fashion designing and me - Fashion Designing Jdinstitute - Student Speak- Fashion Designing and Me
Student Speak- Fashion Designing and Me student speak- fashion designing and me - 21 1 - Student Speak- Fashion Designing and Me

Student Speak- Fashion Designing and Me

This is an age of entrepreneurs, agree? Never before in the history of the World at large, and India in particular, there has been a surge of creativity,ownership and commitment at the business end of life- conventional professional choices are being overlooked, little known fields are making the biggest impact. What has changed now? Our outlook and ways of looking at a scenario definitely has.

My own life path was charted well in advance. I was expected to lead an academic life, excel at Science and Maths, followed by a stint at a good professional college, before devoting a lifetime to Engineering or Medicine. However, the impulse of creativity was strong in me- and thanks to the new age of information, was able to visually convince my folks that there are other, more lucrative career choices than being a Lawyer, Engineer, Doctor or the Government employee. My heart was set on the trendsetting field of Fashion Designing – Designing clothes for a living? Thankfully, I wasn’t asked this amateur question.


The Indian Fashion Industry is one of the fastest growing economic contributors in India today. After lagging behind the rest of the World in all things Fashion- the mindset, infrastructure and learning centers, the recent years have witnessed a massive upsurge in establishing Fashion Technology as a credible Industry in India. One of the pioneers of this movement has been JD Institute of Fashion Technology, a Bangalore based professional college that has been the beacon of Fashion Technology and related disciplines in India since 1988. This was where I decided to learn the fine craft of creating wearable art. JD Institute, I deduced, was the perfect school to hone my latent creative skills and define a promising and rewarding career path in Fashion Designing for myself.

And thus, I decided to look beyond the obvious and explore my true interests. I earned my Degree in Fashion Designing from JD Institute and have never looked back since. While in school, I was exposed to the best that the Industry had to offer, met the biggest personalities- the trendsetters from the Fashion Industry, and developed my distinct style of designing that I’am very proud of. What matters is that I am doing the kind of work that I was born to do. And none of this would have been possible, had I not dared to understand what I wanted, and found the perfect teacher in JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Student Speak- Fashion Designing and Me