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Fashion Trend By Gen Z gen z - Fashion Trend By Gen Z Thumbnail - Fashion Trend By Gen Z

Gen Z has changed our fashion aesthetics. The generation is known for its worldwide presence on digital media and has harnessed the power of these platforms to get rewards. Talking about the fashion world, Gen Z has given a new outlook to the world. Their dress-up and outfits are distinct and they love to carry their style as an extension of their identity. While every generation has contributed to the fashion world with their unique idea of outfits, accessories or makeup, Gen Z is all about mix-match with its own tweaks.

Since we are talking about the fashion trend of Gen Z, let’s learn a few things that are in the market of Gen Z and no matter which generation you belong to, you should adopt it. After all, we all want to stay updated and look futuristic.

1. The 90s fashion trends:

Gen Z started their time period in the late 90s and hence in their styling, you would get the hints of 90s outfits. The use of asymmetric slits, butterfly clips, and small bags have entered the vogue and all thanks to the social media-fed generation. Their style is deeply inclined to the grand Hollywood icons like Cameroon Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and more. With the little documentation of these iconic actors, Gen Z picked up the fashion and replicated it in their wardrobe choices. Fashion Trend By Gen Z gen z - Fashion Trend By Gen Z 4 - Fashion Trend By Gen Z

2. Androgynous Clothing:

Androgynous clothing is highly appreciated by the Gen Z populace. They go for the straight fitted outfits that do not flaunt the curves. The androgynous clothing line is neither feminine nor masculine. It is usually in a neutral tone with occasional colour pops. Moreover, for a male body type, the fabrics used are generally soft and flowy while for a feminine body, the fabrics are crisp and defined, which helps in amping up the look of the wearer.Fashion Trend By Gen Z gen z - Fashion Trend By Gen Z 2 - Fashion Trend By Gen Z

3. The Comfy Clothes/ Athleisure:

It’s the era of rising of athleisure. The world has witnessed a drastic shift in our fashion choices over the past two years. Gone are those days when fashion was only about amping up your look. These days fashion is about accepting oneself. Moreover, the demand for activewear has increased too and has trickled down to street fashion. The athleisure are comfortable made up of quick-dry fabrics and give the wearer flexibility to indulge in fitness activities anytime.

4. Corsets:

Gen Z has also brought back the trend of corsets. While you must be wondering that on one side Gen Z is vouching for comfy outfits and on the other side corset. However, the corsets styling has changed. Corsets these days are no more about crushing your body but are size-inclusive. They are usually made up of stretchable, comfortable materials, wearing which your muscles won’t suffer from a squish.Fashion Trend By Gen Z gen z - Fashion Trend By Gen Z 3 - Fashion Trend By Gen Z

5. Tie and Dye:

The culture of tie and dye has also made a comeback but in a unique way. With tie and dye, our mind usually goes to the bright Rajasthani dresses, however, in Gen Z fashion, tie and dye is more about pastel shades and experimenting with the pattern in light hues. Moreover, co-ords of tie and dye are more in line with huge brands offering outfits of similar taste.

6. Sustainable Products:

Sustainability is not just another buzzword. And Gen Z is paving a path for it. Vegan clothing, upcycled outfits or conscious dresses have become a part of today’s styling. Dresses made up of natural fibres are more appreciated. Apart from it, natural dyes and natural colours are used to reduce the waste that is generated from the chemicals. Moreover, the treatment of fibres also has seen a drastic change with minimal chemical uses.

Gen Z is the future and their style is widely accepted by all. It is more inclusive of gender, sexuality, race and age. Moreover, their style is also about acknowledging the past fashion trends and picking up the best of every decade with a twist. The style of Gen Z is here to stay and fashion forecast is all about embracing it to the core. A fashion styling student from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore learns to adhere to the latest trends. The Diploma in Fashion Styling inculcates this knowledge in the students to stay updated in their fashion game

Fashion Trend By Gen Z