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Module End Display By Diploma In Fashion Design Students

Fashion Design is an intensive course that prepares the aspirant to go through multiple challenges and hone their skills that may stay latent for many. It is an interactive course that requires constant research of the market, the demand of the consumers and the touch of individuality and creativity.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology caters to the design field and through its various courses help the students to work in the domain of their passion. Moreover, the institute also focuses on practical knowledge and every then and now holds workshops as well as displays to understand the design sensibility of the aspirants.

The Diploma in Fashion Design September 2021 batch recently put up a show of their design understanding and sensibility. On 28th February 2022, the DFD students of the September 2021 batch showcased the sketches, their inspiration and their illustration works. Module End Display By Diploma In Fashion Design Students

The fashion design aspirants went along with the theme of seven biblical sins, i.e., gluttony, greed, wrath, envy, sloth, lust and pride and represented it effectively in their collection. Materials like silk, velvet, sheers and more were also explored to give the designs the look and feel that they wanted to achieve. Some of the students put forward an Autumn-Winter collection while others went for bridal wear, ready to wear outfits, and haute couture dresses. Moreover, students also represented the seven biblical sins through their choice of colours, overall showing a good effort in coming up with a cohesive collection that grabbed the eyeballs of the audience.Module End Display By Diploma In Fashion Design Students

Module End Display By Diploma In Fashion Design StudentsVarious faculties, as well as students, also visited the display to encourage the fashion design students. Moreover, apart from the display of work, each student also explained their story behind creating the design and gave a glimpse of how they worked hard to meet the deadline along with showcasing their creative side.

The Fashion Design course of JD Institute of Fashion Technology prepares a student to understand colour theory, colour psychology, pattern making and more. It is a curriculum that helps you understand the intricacies and psychology of demand in the fashion world. Fashion Design helps an individual to express their individuality and give a direction to the world which we often happen to call a “trend”

Module End Display By Diploma In Fashion Design Students