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Elements of visual merchandising are tools or guidelines that can be kept in mind while creating or designing a retail display that is aesthetically pleasing as well as effective in items of its purpose. Visual merchandising in the practice of presenting the products of any retail store through strategic planning in order to attract potential customers through the way it is presented as

Visual Merchandising for Jewellery if done in an appealing way enables its prospects of raising curiosity among buyers. From the jewellery display to the decoration around it alongwith the lighting is designed not just to increase its attractiveness but also to ensure that the overall design also speaks about the brand as a whole and what it has to offer. Hence, it needs

Visual Merchandisers design and create visually pleasing window and in-store displays for retail outlets. They utilize their skills in visual design and space utilization to enhance the aesthetic appeal of window displays, counters, in-store displays etc. However, the changing times have brought about an evolution in the role of a visual merchandiser and the purpose of visual merchandising as a whole. The core purpose of

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication students of the 2019 batch put up a display on Visual Merchandising at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore on 10th January 2020 at the Brigade Road Campus. Visual Merchandising is the art of making use of visual techniques inorder to increase sales and is known as a powerful marketing strategy. It involves various elements like lighting, use

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore organized a store visit for the students of Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication 2019 batch to understand the various aspects of effective visual merchandising. The students visited three different stores at Cunningham Road, namely - The Coveted, Caravan and Hybiscus. The idea of Visual Merchandising is to create an appealing layout of the merchandise alongwith key elements

VISUAL MERCHANDISING FIELD TRIP TO GARUDA MALL I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn ---- Albert Einstein has said ---- Echoing the philosophy of the quote by Albert Einstein, JD Institute of Fashion Technology provides its students with a holistic approach to learning, which includes taking them outside the four walls of the classroom. On 31st August