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pack a punch - Pack a Punch - Pack a Punch in Your Visual Merchandising Efforts with Window Displays

Pack a Punch in Your Visual Merchandising Efforts with Window Displays

We know that the sense of sight plays a very important role as our brains receive the most information through the eyes. This sensory organ has a vital role to play when it comes to retail merchandising.

Every inch of space in your store is worth loads of money and how appealing you make it visually will decide how much money you make. Visual merchandising has a considerable impact on customer experience in your retail outlet. A window display is an essential component of visual merchandising.

What is Window Display?

The art of displaying store merchandise in the window of your store is termed as a window display. Having emerged as a successful method of retail advertising, window display has assumed a more dynamic form in recent times.

It’s the first impression that makes a world of difference. Retailers know that window displays are the first point of contact between the store and the customer.

Unleashing the Power of Window Display – Why Is It Important?

Window display goes way beyond merely displaying some of your wares on the window. It decides whether a prospective customer will walk into your store or away from it. It also helps when you are trying to rebuild the image of your store to something different from what it currently is.

Here are some pointers that faculty at JD Institute of Fashion Technologies’ Visual Merchandising Program have to point:

  • A window display is a great way to show off your seasonal merchandise to tell your customer that you like to keep your offerings in line with the latest trends.
  • Global economies have been changing by the minute and there is immense competition among the retailers vying for customer attention. If a retailer manages to win and retain customer attention, they go ahead in the race. In such cases, having a unique and tastefully done window display is the key.
  • Window display gives an idea of the age group and income group of the customers the store is targeting.
  • Window display works as an effective filter. When customers see the products on your window, they get a fair idea of whether they are interested in owning them or not. Only those who are curious about your offerings will walk into your store.
  • A strategically done window display cuts out all ambiguity regarding your business right at your doorstep, thus reducing the burden on your sales staff.
  • Displaying your prized items on the window sometimes serves as an effective marketing tactic. An appealing display can lure people into impulse buying, though the chances of this happening may not be high.
  • Dress your window in a way that excites customer interest and leaves a favourable impression regarding the quality of your brand. An enticing display builds desire for your offerings and boosts sales.

Pack a Punch in Your Visual Merchandising Efforts with Window Displays pack a punch - Pack a Punch - Pack a Punch in Your Visual Merchandising Efforts with Window Displays

Summing Up

In these times when e-commerce has grown by leaps and bounds at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Visual Merchandising Course imparts curriculum in line with global standards.And our students in the Visual Merchandising Programme continue to soar to newer heights.

With brick and mortar stores constantly rethinking their marketing and advertising strategies, Visual Merchandising and role of Visual Merchandisers are very critical in the coming days.

Our advice to students aspiring to become successful at Visual Merchandising:

  1. Let your window tell a story
  2. Use product variations but avoid clutter
  3. Display only those items that are most likely to pique the interest of the onlooker.
  4. Keep updating the display periodically to give your store a fresh look.