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Visual Merchandising for Jewellery Products visual merchandising - Visual Merchandising - Visual Merchandising for Jewellery Products

Visual Merchandising for Jewellery if done in an appealing way enables its prospects of raising curiosity among buyers. From the jewellery display to the decoration around it alongwith the lighting is designed not just to increase its attractiveness but also to ensure that the overall design also speaks about the brand as a whole and what it has to offer. Hence, it needs to be flattering. The more striking the display, the more success in drawing attention of the prospective customers.

Over the years there has been a shift in visual merchandising. Traditionally jewellery used to be displayed on velvet, silk or matted pads, display stands or in jewellery boxes behind a backlit glass case. This method of display proved to be exclusive and safe. When the potential buyers want to see a piece, the sales attendant help them by showing them the pieces.

In nontraditional Visual Merchandising there is fierce competition for attention. These displays are visually appealing. We live in a world where visuals play an important role. Not every customer has the time to scout through the products inside a store. Hence, displaying jewellery items at the window in an aesthetically pleasing way by including innovative elements to build a graphic narrative around the brand is essential. This helps to attract attention of the prospective customer. The windows are dressed to provide the customers with a visual treat which acts as a good strategy. Window displays are important as it sets the tone of the products that are being sold.

Visual Merchandising for Jewellery Products visual merchandising - Jewellery Store - Visual Merchandising for Jewellery Products

Window display of a jewellery store

Once the potential buyer enters the store it is important to ensure that all the categories have a signage to help identify their interest without posing any inconvenience. There must be enough space for all the jewellery products that the brand is selling, ensuring the prevention of over-crowding. This helps in emphasizing the products.

Colour contrast while displaying products is also important. When two distinct colours are used it appeals to the senses and draws attention and interest to the products.

Visual Merchandising also includes the incorporation of smell and sound. When one enters the store, it is important to have the space smelling divine with soothing music. This ensures for a great shopping experience. Soft music is calming and helps in paying attention to the products in a peaceful manner. Whereas fragrant smell boosts recognition and memory performance. It increases the time customers spend in a store.

Visual Merchandising for Jewellery Products visual merchandising - Music - Visual Merchandising for Jewellery Products

Music acts as a catalyst for an overall shopping experience

Visual Merchandising has become one of the critical elements for the Jewellery brands as well. Gone are the days when people used to just enter in after looking at the term jewellery mentioned outside a store. The modern customer wants a complete experience. Hence visual merchandising has become a crucial aspect and all budding designers should learn about the same. Enroll in the 1year Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design course offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, touted as one of the best jewellery designing institutes in Bangalore to learn all about the need of visual merchandising.

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Visual Merchandising for Jewellery Products