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visual merchandising - These 7 visual merchandising tips make the most out of your retail space - A roaring artistic career: Visual Merchandising

How rare is a career which caters to both your artistic instincts and aptitude skill sets?

Visual Merchandising is an art of presentation at retail stores. The profession is full blown to be a vigorously emerging career in Fashion, as presentation makes a major impact on the customers in choosing whether to buy a product or not. It is the key selling point and plays a crucial role in business. Every design needs a polished and a refined look in order to grab people’s attention.
Visual Merchandising is a crucial retailing strategy that aims at maximizing the aesthetics of the product in order to increase its maximum sales. The quality and artistic way of displaying the product is an important function to draw customers. Marketing is an essential business technique which is critical in the fashion industry. The success of fashion is not just owed to its designing process but also to the way it has been marketed. This is where the role of a Visual Merchandiser plays a vital part in making sure fruits of the hard work which is put in during designing and manufacturing have been borne.

visual merchandising - Visual Merchandising  - A roaring artistic career: Visual Merchandising

What is the importance of Visual Merchandising for a Retail Store?

The foremost importance is to engage and inspire the customers in order to encourage them to buy our products. Ever since online shopping has been prevalent, the retail stores have succumbed to pressure and branding and marketing the product in the best way possible has been the key. Thus , Visual Merchandiser is extremely important in crafting the overall look of the product. This ensures to entice heavy foot traffic.

visual merchandising - insider trends - A roaring artistic career: Visual Merchandising

How does a Visual Merchandiser market the product effectively?

Since visual merchandising is all about the look and feel of the product, it has to follow certain methodologies in order to gain the required momentum in sales. Some of which are:

Visual Components– The customers need to understand the brand better for which the visual merchandiser must make sure that appearance of the product, creating the menu, signage, packaging etc. are on point and visually appealing which makes the customers want to buy the product.

Branding– This is the prime factor that involves the increase in sales and hence it is crucial to create an awareness of the brand through good creative and effective banners and displays which can grab the people’s attention and also using certain strategies for the target audiences to connect with and be loyal to your brand.

Customer friendly– The sole purpose of making a product visually enriching is to make sure that the customers find it attractive as the first impression made of the product will be with regard to its beauty. Hence, the placement of the visually better looking product has to be placed in front to immediately seize the attention of the customers.

Theme-  Every product requires a theme to connect with the customers. This also gives them a variety of options and colours to choose from and give a unique contrast to it. People are always attracted to unique branding and displays.

Marketing strategies–  The final task is to culminate all of the above and avail the customers with marketing strategies such as flash sales, discounts, encouraging repeat purchasing, sharing social incentives etc.

visual merchandising - Visual Merchandising Process - A roaring artistic career: Visual Merchandising

From the above mentioned job roles of a Visual Merchandiser it is evident that the profession seeks for a skill set with good marketing skills, an aptitude for creative ideas and strategies. The goal of a visual merchandiser is to implement their artistic talents at branding and other visual requirements such as banners and displays to attract customers. They are also required to convert window shoppers to possible prospects and maximize their sales and provide the shoppers with excellent store experience.
As a Career prospect, all those who are seeking to explore their talents in the field of visually communicating the designs and creative’s , this is the best profession to conquer your dreams.

visual merchandising - intelligencenode - A roaring artistic career: Visual Merchandising
visual merchandising - VM - A roaring artistic career: Visual Merchandising

JD Institute of Fashion Technology proffers you with extensive knowledge about Visual Merchandising through their Diploma in Visual Merchandising Course. The students are trained under utmost expertise and attain a  hands-on industry exposure through the course. The curriculums are regularly updated according to the latest trends and the students get an in-depth  comprehension about Visual Merchandising and Retailing within a short stipulated time of 6 months.

After the completion of the course, the students easily avail internships and placements as Fashion and Retail store Managers, Fashion Marketing, Design stylist, Exhibition Designer etc provided by the institution. Come follow your passion and succeed in a creative career of being a high profile Visual Merchandiser with incredible opportunities. Hurry Up ! Admissions Open for the academic year 2020!