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Motion graphics designing

Motion graphics designing, also known as motion designing, is a form of graphic designing which includes a mixture of graphic design, animation and timelines. Unlike regular graphic designing which is mostly static, motion designers make use of visual effects and animation to bring motion to their designs. If you are a student who wants to pursue a course in motion graphics designing or a graphic designer who wants to specialize in motion graphics designing, then this post is for you. Keep reading to know the uses of motion graphics designing, how to become a motion graphics designer and the career opportunities. 


Motion graphics designing includes elements of photography, typography and motion along with regular graphic designing. Due to this, though the concept of motion graphics designing is not that old, it still has uses in a variety of fields. Let us look into some of the major uses of motion graphics designing

  1. Film industry

The opening or closing credits of movies, television shows and news programs use motion graphics.

  1. Advertising

Advertises use motion graphics content to appeal to customers more creatively. 

  1. Content marketing and branding

Marketers and brand managers often prefer using motion graphics to represent their brands in a visually appealing way.

  1. UX/UI designing

Most recently, motion graphics has paved its way into website building or product promotion and is also used to design user experience and/or user interfaces. 

  1. Video game development

Though video games are heavily animated, some of the games might involve motion graphics or a mixture of motion graphics designs with animations. 

  1. Logo animator

Gone are the days when logos had to be only two-dimensional and static. They can now be three-dimensional and mobile, i.e., animated. Motion graphics designing makes this possible.

  1. Cartoon animating
Motion graphics designing

Motion graphics designing

Similar to video game development, cartoon animating may include elements from motion designing instead of only animating elements. 

  1. Video editing
Motion graphics designing

Motion graphics designing

With the rise of the use of videos in various social media platforms for entertainment, educational and spiritual reasons, some elements of video editing also require motion graphics designing.


If you are a student, then look for graphic designing courses in India whose syllabus includes motion designing. If you are already a graduate with a degree in graphic designing, then look for online graphic design courses or diplomas that focus on motion graphics designing. Alternatively, you can join internships and projects to gain expertise in the field practically. Subscribe to blogs, e-magazines and social media channels/accounts which deal with motion graphics designing to keep up with the latest motion designing trends, developments and techniques. 


The following are the most important skills required by motion graphics designers:

(i) Animation 

As mentioned above, motion designers should have a good perspective and understanding of animation and timelines. The motion designers should be able to insert the concept of motion in graphic designs smoothly. 

(ii) 3-D Modelling

Graphic designing involves 2-D as well as 3-D modelling. But most motion graphics design is based on 3-D modelling and hence is an important skill to become a professional motion designer. 

(iii) Texturing and Lighting effects

Another important skill set is texturing along with proper lighting effects. Since the graphics will be in motion, so the designer needs to make sure that the lighting or colour does not change unnecessarily during the transformation of the frames.

(iv) Timing and the ability to tell stories

Most of the time, you will be working with content creators from various fields. Sometimes, they will write the story for you while other times, you would have to be the one to tell the story from your imagination when the outline will be given to you. Either way, you will be transforming the stories or words into visual content that should be appealing. 

(v) Ability to use the right music or sound

You should have good knowledge of using the right rhythm or sound effects for your graphics. A design that incorporates unmatched sound effects will add no value to your otherwise sophisticated design.  

Motion graphics designing

Motion graphics designing

Motion graphics designers, just like other types of graphic designers, create designs using graphics designing tools for various industries. Here is a list of the tools used in motion graphics designing:

  • Adobe After Effects 
  • Media Encoder 
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Blender 
  • Motion (Apple Inc.)
  • Maxon Cinema 4D 

These are some of the most popular tools that motion designers use. However, there are many other tools as well alternatives of the above tools which have similar functions and features. 


As a motion graphics designer, the entire world can be your canvas. Most multimedia and motion graphics designers can work in the film industry, advertising agencies, gaming companies, digital media companies or even work as freelancers. Motion graphics includes graphic designing, animation and live-action video and photography. Motion graphics designing is the element that combines graphic designing and animation to bring out something truly beautiful. If you want to become a motion designer, then enroll in a course that makes your dreams come true.