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Why do a photography course?

Do you need a professional Photography course on your tool belt to acquire the coveted skill set of a pro photographer? The fast-paced world that is continually changing, so acquiring new skills from time to time is essential to satisfy all needs of it. Photography is after all one of the most over-rated passions in our country after a generation of us watched the 3 idiots movie. So, how does your personal hobby or a passion would be worth the investment of more time and money than a DSLR that you just purchased?

The majority of people have to take different courses and classes after studying to understand what attracts them and where they want to work. If you think that you may get your smartphone, take several photos of nature and people, and you’ll understand this profession, you’re wrong. Photography classes give a lot of knowledge and useful information besides just shooting photos. Photography is a bit more complicated than it may seem.

The photography is an artistic skill, and each artist sees the world differently. Photos of the same things and settings, taken by several people can significantly differ. Taking photography classes can teach you to develop your photographic vision. You’ll start noticing the smallest details around you and find the beauty in simple things. That is the element that makes photography a passion, an inspiration to look at a picture as an art that becomes the medium of communication for the subject in the picture to mutely articulate emotions, feelings and dialogue.

Why do a photography course? photography - Why do a photography course 1 - Why do a photography course?Now, that we have cleared up the difference between a hobby and passion. We can move onto the subject of study. Does it warrant for a professional certification to pursue a photography career full time? Questions and more questions. So, time for some answers.

If you have the leisure time to study or flick through some YouTube tutorials and fancy a go with the camera and equipment, you are good to go. But, how does a professional photography course help you out? Let’s learn the difference.

Why do a photography course? photography - Why do a photography course 2 - Why do a photography course?

Image Credits: Harshita Sahu

As a Study – In simple terms, a photography course will encourage you to broaden your awareness and take new approaches in photography.

As a Professional study – If you can gain all that knowledge and understanding of photography through online classes and free tutorials. Why would you need a professional course to study? Well, studying a professional photography course you will be encouraged to create a portfolio that reflects your own unique style. It will help nurture and develop in-depth understanding of light, space, composition, colour, technique and context with expert guidance of seasoned faculty.

Will a professional photography course help me switch from my current job to a full-time career as a professional photographer?

Yes. The career switch maybe seamless if you have the right skill set for the specific career course you have chosen and the perfect networking in the industry which will establish you well enough in the photography industry. This networking and the specific skillset you develop will help secure jobs and contracts, as a freelancer/entrepreneur or professional photographer in a specific field of interest.

So, what are these specific skillsets in Photography?

You have diverse options to pursue in Photography. To give you the basics of the different types of skill sets that are in demand in the current market, is to be a studio photographer/portrait photographer, commercial photographer, Scientific photographer, Photojournalists, Wildlife photographer, travel photographer, stock-image photographer. You can learn more about it on our blog about Photography careers.

Each of these professions, demand a very specific skill set that is developed and nurtured with the time and experience you invest and gain from the respective fields. For example: As a Fashion photographer you will need extensive knowledge and understanding of not just photography but also of the specific skillset of understanding and in-depth knowledge of styles of clothing and personal image. As you produce pictures of people, places, and objects by using a variety of cameras, photographic equipment, computers and image editing software. (Phentermine)

How does a professional photography course fit into all of this?

The skills that you develop as a student photographer will lay the strong foundation for basics that you can build and experiment on, with confidence. If your skills are based on some tutorials that doesn’t exactly instil confidence for you to experiment.

Why do a photography course? photography - Why do a photography course 3 - Why do a photography course?

Image Credits: pooja M.Suresh

Seasoned faculty with industrial experience will help you learn not just the art of photography but also the realities of the photography industry and the skills that you will need to successfully establish yourself in the industry as well.

It can be very challenging to establish yourself in the business of photography, networking is the key to unlocking that particular door and we at JD institute of Fashion Technology, with 34 years of industrial experience and Pan-India networking offers professional certification for photography. Photography course in a college that ticks all your little boxes is the best way to learn professional photography and be the absolute pro at the #instalife.

Why do a photography course?