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June 2018

Foldable Dining Table – CHANGE – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Foldable Dining Table Designers: Aashima Sood, Shreya Saraogi, Tejaswini K.N (Group 71) Folding dining table and folding stool are designed to save space and easily usable furniture. As dining table requires a lot of space so it is inspired by folding paper to save space in the interiors of the house. The product

Augmentique – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Award: Best Technical Collection Collection Name: Augmentique Designers: Varshini, Issac and Gouthami DFD June A 2017 Augmentique is an evening wear collection, with a combination of fashion and technology together. It is inspired by the geometric abstraction technique that accommodates every size- large, medium or small. (Valium) Auxetic structures of geometry and pleating techniques have been incorporated

ONE STOP – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Award: Special Jury Award Collection Name: Future Cops Designers: Selina and Poonam DFD March 2017 The collection one Stop comes up with an idea and emotion for our policemen in the city, who face challenges and acute traumas leading to health conditions. Refined fabric is chosen to bring the change in the entire look of the uniform

Fabric Organiser – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Fabric Organiser Designers: Selva Naresh, Selva Ranjith, Surabhi O.S (Group 48) This product is basically meant for a retail shop for fabric displaying. From ages, we have seen people folding fabrics in a retail shop. In order to avoid time consumption as well as workmanship, the designers have come up with an idea of

Emerger – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Emerger Designers: Sabrina Lobo, Prerna Pandey and Pragati Sharma (Group 69) The Emerger is a kitchen corner solution, which is designed for convenient storage and ambience, ease of cleaning and maximum utilisation of dead space. It is a unit of shelves that escalated out of the corner platform in the Kitchen, with the help of

Compact wardrobe – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Compact Wardrobe Designers: Jayashree J, Devaraj S and Shalini R (Group 26) Compact Wardrobe is an attempt to bring a change in the mindset of the people regarding the structure of the wardrobe. Inspired by the form of the triangle, the wardrobe is advanced with a corner space to have a maximum utility space

Antique magic table – CHANGE - JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Antique Magic Table Designers: Khushboo and Vishnu (Group 43) ‘The Antique magic table’ is designed to create an innovative and ease dining which has a magical storage space. This idea popped out from the “Aladdin’s magical lamp” and the working of product is inspired from the “tic-tac ball pen”. With this inspiration, designers

Adjustable Bathtub – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Adjustable Bathtub Designers: Divya singh.J.Mokhasi, Swathi Murali, Mithali Jain (Group77) Most of the middle-class clients face a problem, when they desire to have a bathtub but refrain from it because of the space constrictions. Designers have used this as an opportunity to come up with a unique solution, which is a product that can

International Yoga Day observed at JD Institute The practice of yoga is something that has the power to heal your entire body. To promote this important day and bring a significant change in one’s spiritual aura, JD Institute of Fashion Technology celebrated International Yoga Day on the premises full of ardour and enthusiasm. Jediiians leading with Change in their attitudes, mindsets and implementation woke

Maison de la emanation – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Conceptual Space: Maison de la emanation (House of expressions) Designer:  Darshan G Prasadh Maison de la emanation is a conceptual space designed with a vision to convert a conventional centre into Music, Art and a Dance one. Inspired by a telecast show MAD, the idea is built with the same of doing the different