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September 2020

Being a fashion enthusiast, I have always been very intrigued to know about the various nuances of Fashion, be it designing or styling. I have always believed that, the more you are passionate about something, the more life gives you opportunities to fulfill them. One such thing was what JD Institute of Fashion Technology gave me - JD Imagination Journey 2020 was all

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen.” - Benjamin Disraeli. The above mentioned quote perfectly encompasses my feeling about JD Imagination Journey 2020 (Pre-Corona). Every place we treaded had a slice of Fashion and learning to it. I was able to not just have a visual experience of the beautiful destinations but they

Biophilic design in an innovative way to create natural and comfortable environments for us to live, work and learn. It unconsciously brings the great outdoors into our constructed world by consciously including a nature oriented interior design. Interior Design begins with human experience. It considers the physical, mental and emotional needs of people and uses human centred approaches to address how we live

The world is moving fast, and so are our houses! Decoding that line, the topic here is laying an insight on futuristic architecture - prefabricated homes. Prefabricated homes, or informally called prefab, are houses manufactured off-site in advance, and the customised sections are easily shipped and assembled. The houses include architectural details inspired by postmodernism or futuristic architecture. Prefabricated homes are affordable living

The repercussions that the pandemic has brought upon the education sector has been profound. Ever since teaching has been compelled to be shifted online, learning and educating has been challenging, especially for the Design Education, as it is a very practical- based pedagogy and a discipline that requires a real-life prototyping. The limitations of Online-learning has raised many questions and provocations and individuals

Onam, the festival that is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm to welcome King Mahabali, and is also the harvest festival of Kerala. On 31 Aug 2020, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore safely, celebrated the elegant festival of Onam both at its Campus and Corporate office. Reviving the spirit of the festiveness and joy, the staff and management with, glee, stepped out donning the elegant traditional Kerala attire. The shindig included making