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travel and lcf styling - travel and lcf - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen.” – Benjamin Disraeli.

The above mentioned quote perfectly encompasses my feeling about JD Imagination Journey 2020 (Pre-Corona). Every place we treaded had a slice of Fashion and learning to it. I was able to not just have a visual experience of the beautiful destinations but they also formed an inspiration for my styling stint. The short term styling course at London College of Fashion gave us a wide vantage point about Fashion Styling. Throughout my journey I was on a lookout for fashion inspirations from various places that I had visited in Paris and London.

Voyage to the City of Love

Paris styling - Paris - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

Louvre Museum styling - Louvre Museum - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

Tour Eiffel styling - Tour Eiffel - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

Travelling in style for me is as important as absorbing the fashion culture and trends in the places you visit. Paris, the Fashion Capital was a buffet of Fashion. The Louvre Museum, world’s largest art museum possessed some of the most beautiful contemporary art and varied designs. It gave me a lot of ideas to apply in styling as an inspiration. New designs and art work expose us to a plethora of available permutations and combinations that could be used in the styling process. The Eiffel tower was glorious! It is something I wouldn’t be able to explain in words.

To the Queen’s Land

London 3 styling - London 3 - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

behind the scenes styling - Excursion London - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

behind the scenes styling - Biscter Village - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

London 3 styling - London Excusrion 2 - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

London’s fashion culture was intriguing and extremely distinctive. Every street of London had something new to show us with respect to the country’s fashion quotient.  The Piccadilly Circus had a burst of colours around. The flashy neon signs boards and tourists around had a wide range of fashion and style. The National Art Gallery, Madame Tussauds, Covent Garden etc. were few other places that I could really remember for life.

travel and lcf styling - travel and lcf - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

Beyond inspirations and slaying in style throughout our fun journey, we finally reached the place where we could really invest all our creativity and ideas. The London College of Fashion gave us a new outlook to the whole styling and fashion world. Being able to be mentored with one of the finest and most versatile teachers’, Ms. Kerry Panaggio was a huge help. She guided and molded us – aspiring stylists to finally feel accomplished and learned.  Towards the end of the course, we were given the opportunity to showcase our understanding and talents through our final styling shoot. We worked with a professional hair, makeup and photography team who helped to make the shoot a complete success.

behind the scenes styling - behind the scenes - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

I have always admired this saying “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” A simple black dress can do wonders and a glimpse of white can completely change the whole vibe in some cases, so keeping this colour palette in mind and deriving an inspiration from the Work of Fashion Stylist – Silvia Stephanini, who effortlessly makes everyday style look like fantasy. Hence for the final shoot I envisioned a look which was styled with a draped black and white skirt, paired with a black pearl mesh shirt, layered over a black rib knitted bralette. Keeping the simplicity of the look intact, to accessorize, I used a thick band waist belt with a gold buckle, and a white and black cross body bag.

London 3 styling - final shoot - A JOURNEY IN STYLE!

The course at London College of Fashion is what I was looking forward to the most as I am very passionate about Fashion Styling. During the classes, Ms Kerry gave me a very good insight into the world of Commercial Styling and Editorial Styling and I have learned a lot through this course that I shall be using in my personal styling as well as in the future. I, Hrutika, am proud to be a student of JD Institute of Fashion Technology for giving me this valuable opportunity to travel, explore and imbibe a lot of knowledge through this amazing JD Imagination Journey. I will be always grateful to Nealesh Sir, Sandra Ma’am and Shrishti Ma’am for being a constant pillar of support.

Submitted by:
Hrutika Salgaonkar

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Goa

Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Apparel Design

Batch: 2019

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