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styling shoot styling - styling shoot - STYLING AWAY AT LONDON!

Being a fashion enthusiast, I have always been very intrigued to know about the various nuances of Fashion, be it designing or styling. I have always believed that, the more you are passionate about something, the more life gives you opportunities to fulfill them. One such thing was what JD Institute of Fashion Technology gave me – JD Imagination Journey 2020 was all about that and more! Who hasn’t dreamt of studying in the supremely prestigious London College of Fashion? I, Jediiian, Sanika from Goa centre would like to share my testimonial about my experience which was a dream come true.

London experience

Styling class styling - Styling class - STYLING AWAY AT LONDON!

Travelling to London has always been a dream and I had a lot of fun visiting places which were aesthetically and visually pleasing. But to top it all my short term styling course at London College of Fashion escalated the whole experience. I was enthralled by the level and method of teaching. The process of learning was fun and interesting. Once you are in such an esteemed institution you are bound to be tied up with high expectations and it is very satisfying not only when they match but also when it is more than what you expected. I couldn’t and wouldn’t start sharing the experience without mentioning about our talented and versatile mentor,     Ms. Kerry Pannagio. She is one of the main reasons why learning styling at LCF was magic. She made us feel very warm and was approachable, which made nervous beginners like me very confident to start from the scratch. The course enabled us to recognize various opportunities in styling.

Shoot day

BTS shots styling - BTS shots - STYLING AWAY AT LONDON!

Styling involves a lot of dedication, discipline and team work which we discovered on our final styling shoot. We were expected to style a look with the help of a professional hairstylist, makeup artist and photography team. It was finally time to implement all that we had learnt and put our best foot forward. Beach waves are done and dusted, but still remain a classic somewhere. Hence for the shoot my theme was Aqua. It is a trend which is timeless and it is safe to say that ocean is everyone’s escape. The creative journey for my final styling shoot at LCF starts from the Vibe of Salty waves. My look was draped to reflect the waves of the sea, to do the same I used a shimmery chiffon fabric and draped it as a halter top, using a thick yarned black and white woven fabric to drape it as a skirt. To accessorize the look I used beaded bracelets and stick on rhinestones.

styling shoot styling - styling shoot - STYLING AWAY AT LONDON!

I have enjoyed every bit of the styling process for the shoot, right from researching for my inspiration to brain storming ideas and sourcing for the look. I have gained immense knowledge and exposure through this styling course and I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity than this. After my course at LCF I feel a lot more creative and confident. I could proudly say that I have evolved with respect to styling others and myself. I thank Nelaesh Sir, Sandra Ma’am and Shrishti Ma’am for the incredible academic journey to London. I shall be ever grateful.

Paris tourism styling - Paris tourism - STYLING AWAY AT LONDON!

eiffel tower styling - eiffel tower - STYLING AWAY AT LONDON!

London Eye styling - London Eye - STYLING AWAY AT LONDON!

The design museum styling - The design museum - STYLING AWAY AT LONDON!


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