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April 2021

Iconic Hairstyles for women that have stood out for the past 100 years. Hairstyles from shingle bobs of the 1920’s Jazz Age to the Afro hairstyle in the 1970’s ‘Black is Beautiful’ movement. On the occasion of ‘Hairstyle Appreciation Day’, here are the hairstyles that took our breath away for over decades: 1920’s – Shingle Bob The Jazz Age is big on a variety

Jewellery Designer job profile entails the conceptualization and design of exquisite pieces of jewellery. The designer works with a number of materials like precious and semi-precious stones, gold, silver, platinum etc. A jewellery designer can work independently or part of an established brand. There are limited prospects for graduates who opt to work with brands as a jewellery designer. However, the ones who do

Double Exposure, Long Exposure and Mixed lighting were taught to the students from the Dept. of Photography through technical exercise by their Mentor - Mr. Kishore Ramachandra for a detailed in-depth aspect on Photography. Learning new techniques can elevate the students’ creativity and acquire new skills that will enable them in their pursuits of staying ahead of the curve. The implementation of three