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May 2021

Hemp fabric is a textile made from the fibres of the stalk of a Cannabis plant. It has been used extensively for industrial purposes like rope and sails. Known as a high-yielding crop, it is recognised for its high textile strength and for its durable textile fibre. It is sustainable and a versatile and durable natural fibre. Due to the psycho activities of

How to make a small room look bigger? This is undoubtedly a sure-shot question every client has for his interior designers. Whether you are a single person living in the bedroom or you are a family of two or three, nobody likes a small room. However, sometimes you have no option but to live in a small room. We might not be able to

Types of wood used in the interior design of a house are many. There are eclectic choices of wood interior designers offer and use to complete the furnishing of a house. Wood needs no introduction. Wood is by far the most used element in interior design. There is probably not a single house or office whose interior design is not made of wood.

Benefits of virtual shopping enable a customer to understand different ways of enhanced retail experiences that are available. Virtual shopping is a mode of retail experience that brings the offers of a physical store to a customer digitally. The customer will be able to view the offers of a retail enterprise through the comfort of their own home; it is an enhanced retail

Virtual shopping is the intermediate between physical and online shopping. With the retail industry facing many challenges because of the pandemic and with the transition to a more digitally-reliant era, brands and businesses are trying to innovate new ways of providing retail experiences to their customers. With the pandemic affecting our visits to physical stores, and because of the lack of personal shopping

National Don’t Fry Day is an initiative of the Council for Skin Cancer Prevention to increase knowledge and educate the awareness and risks of over exposure to the sun. The day aims to remind everyone the importance of sun safety and the use of sun protectants. A certain measured amount of sun is not entirely bad. Sunlight is good for those experiencing seasonal affective