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January 2024

The interior designing course is a popular career choice for students who are passionate about design and want to pursue a career in the same. MSc in Interior Design at JD School Of Design, Banglore is designed for students who wish to learn about all aspects of interior design, including sketching, 3D modeling, drafting, and rendering techniques. The JD School Of Design’s Master of

There’s more to fashion than just fashion design and accessorising; fashion communication is a vital part and the backbone of the industry. It deals with managing various media to deliver the message of fashion and lifestyle. You can choose from various fields in fashion communication. Be it fashion branding, fashion journalism, public relations, visual merchandising, photography, broadcasting, media management, advertising in fashion, styling,

Nature, humans, and everything in between thrives on visual pleasure and communication. The details and precision of what one sees fill colours in life. No wonder the history of graphic design traces back to the time of cave paintings. There is no denying that humans evolved and innovated ideas because of visual communication. But where did it all originate? How did graphic design begin?

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is for students who are interested to study fashion. It only deals with courses like fashion design, textile designing, etc. However, it does not deal with interior designing or UI/UX designing if you are interested to pursue interior designing you should apply for the JD School Of Design  (JDSD). Why JD School Of Design Co-powered by, the JD

To become a Fashion Designer, one must study the Fashion Designing Course. If you are considering learning Fashion Designing, the JD School Of Design is the best choice. You can enroll in our Fashion Design degree program if you have a flair for fashion. In order to become a fashion designer in India, wishful candidates not only need to pursue course-oriented subjects but also

On the 5th of January 2024, the Streamoid team orchestrated an enlightening "PIQIT workshop" at the JD campus. Engaging students from diverse fashion programs, such as Diploma in Fashion Design, BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design, and Masters in Fashion Communication, the workshop aimed to enhance their styling proficiency using the innovative PIQIT software. The workshop's primary objective was to provide insights into the

The fashion industry is dynamic and influenced by societal and cultural shifts, technological development, and environmental issues. Several significant trends and inventions are already affecting the direction of the fashion industry as we look to the future of clothing. The new-age textiles, poised to revolutionise how clothing is made in the future, are one of the most exciting advancements in this field. Let

Colour psychology The study of colour psychology concerns how colours affect human emotions, behaviors and how colour psychology in design. How we react to colours is determined by a complex interaction between our tastes, family upbringing, and cultural background, which varies from person to person. Colour can affect perception subtly; for instance, it can either enhance or detract from how food tastes. They can enhance

As a creative problem-solving approach, design thinking has recently gained a lot of attention in the context of social innovation. Design Thinking for Social Innovation is based on putting the user's needs at the canter of the design process and developing solutions that respond to those needs. This blog post examines how design thinking principles can be applied to social innovation and how