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Hettich Studio JD Institute of Fashion Technology

An Educational Survey and Site visit at Hettich Studio

On 16th December,2019, 21 students of Diploma in Interior Designing, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore were taken on a site visit to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fittings, The Hettich Group. The aim of this site visit was to have an educational survey for our students to understand the hardware systems as well as their availability in the market.


The Hettich Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fitting. They provide and produce a variety of fittings for all sorts of different functions, including drawer box systems, slides, hinges as well as sliding and folding door systems.

During the survey the students were introduced to various product line of brands along with the current trends in furniture fixtures. The students had the opportunity to interact with the attending sales staffs to understand the current technology in hardware fitting and an easy storage solution for interior spaces. The site visit helped cover various vital topics such as the working and understanding of Hinges, Drawer Systems, Drawer Runners, Sliding and folding door systems and storage solutions.

An Educational Survey and Site visit at Hettich Studio

As Interior Designers it is very important to know the materials, the working and the over all fittings of the furniture and various elements used. The exposure and understanding the students have absorbed from their site visit at Hettich Studio has been extremely valuable and have given them an added understanding of the whole process, procedure and the other important learning aspects with regard to market availability of materials and the current trends and technology.