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Exploring Artistic Skills with Inktober 19

Inktober is an art movement initiated by artist Jake Parker in the year 2009. This has found a following world over where novices and experts explore their artistic skills through daily prompts for the month. To encourage their students’ creativity and tap into their spontaneous perspective on the day’s challenge, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Cochin organised a month long display created by the students.

InktoberThe premise of the challenge is to be consistent inorder to get better. The students created some interesting array of work with amazing outputs. Keeping this in mind, the students work was displayed daily on the notice board for everyone to admire. Apart from the display, the participants are also required to share their work on social media platforms to be viewed by other participants and art connoisseurs.

InktoberVaried creative explorations that fall beyond the realm of conventional methods help to raise awareness of ones potential as well as keep oneself alert. Inktober is also a way to seek inspiration and learn from other artists from around the world. This exercise helped students to motivate themselves to improve their artistic skills.

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Exploring Artistic Skills with Inktober