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Contrary to what people say, product design has existed since time immemorial. However, while product design is as old as civilisation, it only became a profitable profession a decade ago. Therefore “is product design a good career?” is a question many ask as it is a relatively new and lucrative career. A product designer is responsible for ideating, creating, designing and developing a

Interior Designers play a vital role in the design industry. Their job role is not limited to just improving the space aesthetically but improving the functionality of the space with maximum optimization. The Interior Design domain goes through multiple shifts in pace with technology and the necessity of the world. Hence, abiding by the requirement of the domain, JD Institute always gives a

Are you an avid Instagram user? If yes, then you must have recently seen the rise in the skin care routine, the constant share of celebrities and dermatologists, along with brands with their targeted ads. All this hints at one thing, our attention towards skin care. But like every aspect of our lives as the season changes, skin care routine should also alter.

Foundation, as we already know, is the base to our makeup. It helps cover any pigmentation, blemishes or scars helping achieve a perfect base for our skills to be showcased. But sometimes, it is hard to perfect the foundation. As we apply the foundation, little at a time, it can very quickly go the wrong way if the buildup is too much. Similarly,

Makeup remover is just as difficult as choosing the right makeup product to use on your face that will not cause any side effects. Experimenting and trying on makeup can be a lot of fun especially when it comes to trying new products in highlighters, shimmers and gloss. Although, removing makeup is not as fun as applying one.Especially when you have layered various eyeshadows,

Beauty subscription boxes are a subscription service that curates a selection of the best beauty products and delivers them to your door step. If you are into using all vegan products or are open to trying new brands and products, subscribing to the beauty boxes can save money and time. Here are top 5 beauty boxes you can subscribe to in India: 1. GLAMEGO

Terracotta is a practice that is not widely known much in Indian craft. Realising its ancient history, design potential and capability as an artistic practice, Rudra Purna Kaleswara Rao from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru’s Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management (PGDFDBM) 2019 batch was inspired to study this as part of his craft documentation series. Identifying terracotta craft