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In the field of fashion photography, art and business coexist. To settle your curiosity about how to shoot fashion photography? We need to explain what fashion photography is first.

Fashion photography is the art of using the photographer’s viewpoint to emphasise the ensemble through the model. If you want to learn more about fashion photography ideas, the techniques involved, tips and tricks and poses for the model, then this article is for you.

Fashion Photography requirements

Having a career in fashion photography is just like any other genre of photography and requires a lot of hard work. The primary demand in this work is to compose the frame in such a way that it upholds the theme of the brand.

To get the perfect shots, you might have to play with a lot of things, but the most important thing is the skills that you must have.  The pointers mentioned below are the skills that one must hone to address the question of how to shoot glamour photography.

1. Practice Personally With Friends

If you are just starting as a fashion photographer, know that you need to discover a personal style that will make you stand out. As it is easy for people to have a few of the fashion photographer qualifications but not everyone makes it.

Focus on practising more and more with your friends as models or anyone who is up for it. Try different angles, lighting setups and compositions which will make you distinguished.

2.Good Communication With Your Models

Being a fashion photographer, you will continuously be working with models. One non-negotiable condition is the models need to be comfortable working with you.

You will work with somebody new every once in a while, it is a good idea to get them to know a little and have an ice-breaking conversation before the shoot.  Be clear about your ideas and how you want your model to portray them.

3.Be a Magician With Your Edits

When it comes to editing their photos and adding additional effects that adhere to the brief they were given, fashion photographers should be knowledgeable and experienced. Just 30 of the 100 photos you take may be edited. Afterwards, you may use tools like Tone Curve in Lightroom to make simple tweaks before switching to Adobe Photoshop for final retouching.

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Fashion Photography Tips to Click the Best Shots

While explaining her work, Pretika Menon, one of the top fashion photographers in India, says, “I guess in the bigger scheme of things, I want to create stories that go beyond selling clothes; to put out an imagined universe very close to reality but with much more empathy and curiosity for alternative culture, with a side order of humour.”

The best techniques which should be kept in mind to start the shoot include:

1.Focus on Lighting

The perfect lighting for photography is like sugar in cupcakes, it’s a must. It is proper to use a single source of light and a white reflector. For all the training in fashion photography for beginners, advice is given to avoid one mistake, which is not to get too flashy with lights.

2.Use the Daylight

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The best photographs can be clicked during the day, there is nothing better than natural light. Get an idea of the composition by experimenting with the light and its effect on the model. Try not to mix artificial and natural light.

3.Working with the Correct White Balance

Setting the white balance and resetting it each time you move to a different location are two of the first steps you should do before starting to shoot. When this happens, the colours you see in print and on the screen will be the same.

Colours are typically correctly reproduced by the camera, but things might get complicated if you’re in a setting with exceptionally warm or cool lighting or if there are multiple sources of light.

The Best Poses for Models in the Business

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Once you have the basics right for fashion photography, you must be wondering how to shoot editorial fashion photography. Posing is important in fashion photography, maybe more so than in any other kind of photography. Because both the subject and the poses must work to highlight the clothing and accessories. Also, they have to sell a whole way of life or assist in telling a tale or mood.

Here we have mentioned the top fashion photography poses recommended by the best photographers:

  • The classic three-quarter turn
  • Shoulder forward
  • Leg on a wall
  • Arms up
  • Framing the face with hands for close-up shots
What is the Purpose of Fashion Photography?

It’s important to think of something original which follows the fashion photography trends that will catch people’s attention, giving your goods a distinctive character. Fashion journals, catalogues, and advertising campaigns all feature clothing that has been shot by fashion photographers. To make sure they are projecting the ideal image for the company, they closely collaborate with fashion houses and designers.

4 types of fashion photography are major, and you could choose your niche accordingly. You could delve into-

  • High fashion
  • Street Fashion
  • Catalogue fashion
  • Editorial fashion

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of taking up fashion photography as a career, it is important to learn all about it. JD Institute Of Fashion Design provides a 3 months fashion photographer course which will make you a professional in fashion photography and give a solution to your question of how to shoot fashion photography.